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Oman resident secures lunar legacy with ‘Lake of Happiness’ claim


In a remarkable development, Ramachandran Nair, a resident of Oman since September 1990, has secured ownership of a distinctive lunar feature known as the ‘Lake of Happiness’ on the Moon. This achievement sets him apart as the sole expatriate resident in Sultanate of Oman to hold such a unique lunar property claim.

The Lake of Happiness (‘Lacus Felicitatis’) is a small lava-flooded plain located in the northeastern quadrant of the Earth’s nearest celestial neighbour.

The validation of Nair’s lunar ownership comes from The Lunar Registry, an authorised land claim sales agency affiliated with Luna Society International, based in New York, USA.

His interest in lunar real estate was sparked by the successful soft landing of India’s Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft near the lunar South Pole on August 23, 2023.

Nair is the QHSSE & Compliance Manager at GAC Oman where he joined in 2001 and has been a resident of Oman since September 1990.

Following the historic lunar landing, Nair contacted The Lunar Registry to express his interest in acquiring land on the Moon’s surface. His three-acre land purchase, totalling $29.07 (about RO 12), including documentation charges, was certified on September 2, 2023.

The deed he received is meticulously registered in compliance with the Lunar Settlement Initiative, providing specific details such as the property’s location, latitude and longitude, tract number, lot number, volume number and date of registration.

Nair explains that he was inspired by the example set by Rupesh Masson, a businessman from Jammu and Kashmir, who also acquired lunar land following the success of Chandrayaan-3. For Nair, this unique investment represents a tangible connection to a different future, serving as a form of preparedness amid the challenges posed by global warming and other environmental concerns on Earth.

It is noteworthy that countries like the US, UK and India have authorised The Lunar Registry to carry out such initiatives. The funds collected through lunar land sales are utilised to support various projects, including manned lunar missions and educational initiatives.

Despite facing a delay in the processing of his application due to overwhelming demand post-Chandrayaan-3, Nair views the extended timeline as an indication of heightened interest in lunar property ownership.

According to him, the concept of living on the Moon symbolises humanity’s aspiration to transcend challenges, offering hope for a brighter future, especially in challenging times.

Media reports suggest that over 650 celebrities and US presidents have previously owned extraterrestrial property on the lunar surface. The Luna Society, responsible for managing lunar land sales, emphasises that the proceeds contribute to non-governmental manned missions to the Moon and support educational initiatives and scholarships for students across all grade levels.

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