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Omani student designs robotic air conditioner for emergency cooling


Muscat: Baraa al Maawali, a senior student at the Middle East College Oman, is leading a research project titled "Robotic Emergency Air Conditioner 'REACO'" to tackle electricity-related challenges in various regions.

This innovative project is distinctly positioned as a research endeavor, emphasizing its commitment to advancing knowledge and addressing critical issues in emergency scenarios.

Amidst widespread electricity issues in 2022, Al Maawali conceived the idea of REACO, a robotic device designed to maintain room atmospheres during emergencies. This research focuses on indoor devices, specifically the widely-used air conditioner, shedding light on the limitations of traditional systems and advocating for alternative approaches in the face of power shortages.

Guided by an Arduino microcontroller with integrated sensors, the REACO employs a rechargeable battery as its power source, ensuring uninterrupted operation for a specified duration. Notably, the project's significance lies in its potential to offer efficient and autonomous cooling solutions, especially in disaster response scenarios.

The research objectives include interfacing the voltage sensor with Arduino Uno to detect electricity availability, integrating a temperature sensor (DHT11) to monitor a range from 0°C to 50°C, implementing the robot system to operate for 1-2 hours with a rechargeable power source, assessing its efficiency in comparison to current portable air conditioners, and evaluating its qualities, including resolution, efficiency, power source, and compliance with standards.

In the context of contemporary advancements in robotics, Al Maawali's work draws inspiration from pertinent research areas, including safety and ergonomics in industrial collaborative robotics, robot placement optimization, research design and methodology, and human-robot communication systems.

To emphasise, the Robotic Emergency Air Conditioner 'REACO' is not just a technological innovation but a research project committed to contributing to the academic understanding of robotics, energy-efficient solutions, and disaster response scenarios. This project signifies a significant step forward in the realm of research-driven advancements with potential real-world applications.

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