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ROP clarifies on traffic violations recorded in a GCC country

Motorists can complain against fines recorded in a GCC country via ROP.
Motorists can complain against fines recorded in a GCC country via ROP.

Muscat: The Royal Oman Police (ROP) has confirmed that there is a unified system that gathers all the fines in the GCC, which can be also accessed from the ROP application.

"If you feel that this fine is not correct or you did not commit it, you either go to the ROP traffic department and lodge a complaint or you either go to the GCC country where the fine has been registered against you. The first step might take time to get a response," according to a ROP spokesman.

"So, the first thing is, whenever someone wants to move or travel in any of the GCC countries, he needs to read the regulations and the rules of that country including the traffic rules."

Otherwise, one can go to the ROP website and make the payment.

The Observer has been getting messages on its social media platforms about motorists getting fines amounting to hundreds of Omani riyals while driving in the UAE.

Most of these motorists are getting fine for the first time, though they have been traveling in the UAE frequently over the years.

A citizen enquired, "My fines amount to a few hundred and the vehicle is due for renewal. Is it necessary to pay them before the renewal?

Smart Radars

Meanwhile, he also clarified that the reports on using the smart radars in Oman to change lanes or using mobile phones are true, but it is used on a trial basis. However, some GCC countries have applied this technology.

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