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GED first semester exams begin Tuesday

GED first semester exams begin tomorrow
GED first semester exams begin tomorrow

Muscat: About 57,093 students are appearing for the first semester of the academic year 2023-2024, which begins on Tuesday. For the first time the Center for Educational Measurement and Evaluation will prepare for the educational evaluation work for the academic year and examination management committee will manage general education diploma exams in the governorates.

Correction and marking committees at the ministry level and marking centres in the educational directorates in the governorates were also formed. The examinations will be held in 361 centres.

Evaluation work will be carried out in four centres in two morning and evening shifts. The number of graders in the various centres distributed across the governorates is expected to be about 800, while more than 6,000 teachers have been assigned to monitor the examinees in the examination centres.

GED first semester exams begin tomorrow
GED first semester exams begin tomorrow

As for the mechanisms used to prepare students for the exams, the ministry, represented by the Educational Directorates in the governorates, has prepared the exam centres by providing an atmosphere that contributes to helping the examinee take the exam in an atmosphere of comfort and calm.

It is hoped that all students will prepare for the exams through optimal use of time in the process of studying and reviewing and focusing while taking the exams. One of the most important instructions that the examinee must follow is to arrive early at the examination centre, not to be late in entering the examination hall, and to bring their tools (pens, erasers, and calculators allowed to be brought into the examination halls, the examinee’s identity verification document) and not taking prohibited items to the exam centre.

As for the penalty for those who commit any violations while taking exams, Article (37) of Ministerial Resolution (588/2015) will be applied in cases of violation. Some cases of violation may lead to cancellation of the exam. If the violation is repeated, it will lead to cancellation of the result in all academic subjects, and in some cases, it will lead to cancellation of enrollment or registration and denial of registration for the following academic year.

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