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Ministry of Labour clarifies on previous inspection agreement

Ministry of Labour clarifies on previous inspection agreement
Ministry of Labour clarifies on previous inspection agreement

Muscat: Ministry of Labour has clarified on the recent decisions aimed at regulating the labour market to clear the job market of illegal workers and to help the general public allay the doubts pertaining to the same.

Earlier, the Ministry of Labour has entered into an agreement with the Safety and Security Establishment (SSE) to give the status of judicial officers (inspection) starting January 1 and to launch the inspection unit in conformation to the government’s keenness to adopt new policies to regulate the labour market.

"Labour inspections will be carried out only by the Ministry of Labour officials and the Safety and Security Establishment will just be assisting the inspection procedures. No inspection can be carried out by anyone other than the Ministry officials," said Nasser bin Salem al Hadhrami, Director General of the Directorate General of Labour in Dhofar Governorate

Consequently, the earlier decision to allow the SSE to carry out random labour inspections at organizations and to bring illegal workers to court is annulled as its employees do not fall under the definition of public employees.

Nasser bin Salem al Hadhrami told the Observer that inspection of workers and workplaces will remain the responsibility of Ministry of Labour employees, and random inspections of workers and workplaces and issuance of violations will continue.

"The work of security guards will be limited to providing security support to Ministry of Labour employees and guarding facilities only," he said, adding that these measures are aimed at improving services by raising the quality and efficiency of labour audit operations in accordance with the development taking place in the labour market and the country’s drive towards economic openness and facilitation of investments to the country.

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