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What you need to know about Oman Cultural Complex

The project will blend Oman’s rich cultural heritage with state-of-the-art design. 
The project will blend Oman’s rich cultural heritage with state-of-the-art design. 

Muscat: The upcoming Oman Cultural Complex in the Madinat al Irfan district (Airport Heights district) of the Muscat Governorate will be completed within a maximum period of three years over an area of 400,000 sqm.

According to sources, the project includes 6 structures with different floor levels, which will include a national theater with 1,000 seats, the National Library, the National Documents and Archives Authority, the Children's Library, The Literary Forum; The Youth Art Club; Oasis Fruit Garden with 1,100 palm trees, 750 natural product trees, and 32,500 little trees and bushes.

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The Archives building is designed to protect documents from fire and natural decay.

It will also house a workshop for the restoration of manuscripts and documents, apart from spaces for public use and offices for administration, documentation, and technical affairs.

The National Library will be housed in the biggest building of the complex.

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The building, capable of holding five million volumes, will cover an area.

Apart from providing dedicated rooms for study and reading as well as rooms for periodicals, maps, and photographs, the library building will feature halls for the exhibition of books, one lecture hall, and another hall dedicated to information technology.

The library will also have special facilities for people with disabilities.

The main library building will also house the Children’s Library containing books for children of all ages, reading rooms, education halls audiovisual equipment, and game areas. The cultural complex will also have a dedicated building for the Literary Forum, which will consist of lecture halls, a special library, reading, and computer rooms, as well as administrative offices.

The Art Institute, also known as the Youth Art Club, within the complex, will consist of two halls for art galleries, along with rooms for workshops and training. In addition, it will have special facilities for the restoration and maintenance of artworks and areas for displaying photographs and fine art galleries.

Besides these major cultural establishments, the complex will feature facilities such as cafes and parks.

Earlier in October, the Saif al Harrasi Group announced its collaboration with Sembol Construction, the SAH-SML JV Co secured the Oman Cultural Complex project, which will

meld Oman’s rich cultural heritage with state-of-the-art design.

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