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Post-Tej restoration work at full swing in Dhofar


Muscat: Tropical storm Tej made landfall in Al Mahra governorate in Yemen even as the Wilayat of Rakhyut (261 mm) recorded the highest rainfall among the different places in Dhofar and Al Wusta governorates until Tuesday morning.

The storm that downgraded to depression with wind speeds of 17 to 27 knots is expected to fade away in the coming hours.

The coastal and mountainous states and parts of the desert areas of Dhofar Governorate continue to be affected by varying rainfall of 20-60 mm, with active winds blowing (7-17 knots) and the descent of a number of valleys and reefs, where it is expected to disappear.

The sea will be moderate to rough on the coasts of the Arabian Sea, ranging from between 2 to 4 meters.

The National Committee for Emergency Management (NCEM) confirmed that no reports of human losses, cases of detention, drowning, or distress calls have been recorded so far in Dhofar Governorate.

The Civil Defence Ambulance Authority ((CDAA) in Dhofar Governorate dealt with an accident where a vehicle was stuck in the mud in the Shaat area of Salalah. The CDAA authority has called on citizens and residents not to go out at this time.

The Dhalkot and Rakhyut desalination plants, which were halted as a result of heavy rains, were restored after the rains stopped.

NCEM added that electricity has returned to most locations, and a number of partial outages are being dealt with in each of the areas of Ardit, Sharshiti, and Shaat in the wilayat of Rakhyut and the Khadraafi region in the wilay tof Dhalkout.

 The CDAA authority  has called on citizens and residents not to go out at this time
The CDAA authority  has called on citizens and residents not to go out at this time

According to our correspondent in Salalah, the electricity to homes in Rakhyut and Dhalkut was restored in the morning, but shelter homes continued to get an uninterrupted supply of power and other essential supplies.

The Undersecretary of Al Mahra Governorate in the Republic of Yemen, Muhammad Raafit, said that the heavy rains are still continuing, leading to the washing away of roads in the affected areas.

Al Mahra Governorate in the Republic of Yemen
Al Mahra Governorate in the Republic of Yemen

Dhalkout received 246 mm of rainfall, Salalah (88) and Mirbat (19) during the same period.

Traffic has been reopened on Al Mughsail Road for four-wheel drive vehicles while there has been a precautionary closure of traffic on the Deem-Khadrafi road in Dhalkout.

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