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Nama to probe coloured water issue in Suhar

tap water
tap water

Muscat: Nama Water Services has responded to the reports on tap water quality in the wilayat of Suhar.

The company said that it will verify the cases above and carry out the necessary tests to confirm the quality of water, noting that the company continues to examine water samples from various points in the production plants and networks on a daily basis, ensuring their suitability for consumption.

"The problem of change in tap water color has been around for a while and requests were submitted to test the water in several areas, and we found it to be yellow coloured water. The problem is with the ground pipes, which are made of iron and have been in existence for more than 20 years," according to a Municipal Council member in Suhar.

Iron in your water supply is the most likely cause of yellow or orange discolored water. Iron can get into your tap water for a number of reasons, including water utility maintenance, rusty piping, or issues affecting your well.

"This water has become unfit for drinking. We are forced to buy bottled water, which increases our expenses every month," said another local resident.

The company said it will replace any pipe networks and connections that require replacement.

Nama Water Services called on its subscribers to report any comments that may be received within the water service by contacting the call center on 1442 or via the Nama Water Services application.

The company confirms its keenness to provide subscribers with water according to the specifications and standards approved in the Sultanate


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