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Mibam village is a hidden oasis among towering mountains

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Exploring the enchanting village of Mibam is not less than an adventure; it requires efforts to embark on this journey into a natural oasis nestled amidst majestic mountains. One must possess the ability to drive a four-wheel-drive vehicle with dexterity. The road that leads to Mibam wanders through the winding curves and lofty heights of the towering mountain range that envelops this pristine village.

The visitor needs to be physically fit to enjoy the village, as access to the source of the waterfalls requires climbing ladders built between the edges of the farms located on the mountain edge.

Mibam village is located in the Niyabat of Tiwi in Al Sharqiyah South Governorate. This beautiful village is about 11 km away from the Prosecution Centre.

On the way to it, the visitor passes through other villages like Al Husn, Sima’a, and Suwi. This village is surrounded by high mountains covered with palm trees, lemon trees, mangoes, grapes and other local trees. The internal road also has several ponds.

Mibam is renowned for its various tourist attractions, with one of the most prominent being the tower perched atop a colossal rock on the western side of the village mountains. Originally constructed for defensive purposes, the tower now symbolises the village's rich history and enduring charm.

In the heart of Mibam lies the Aflaj farms, including Al Mutamared, Al Hail, and Soolan. These intricate canal systems carry cool water during the summer and warm water during the winter, serving the dual purpose of irrigation and sustenance.

Azzan al Muqaimi, a spirited young local, extends a warm welcome to visitors and eagerly volunteers to accompany and guide them through the wonders of this natural oasis. "This village is a popular destination for tourists, especially during winter," Azzan explains. "Over time, I've grown comfortable interacting with tourists and have become adept at engaging with them. Witnessing my village receive visitors brings me great joy, and I readily volunteer to show them the shortcuts to reach the waterfalls effortlessly." “The skills and abilities of every tourist vary. Some practice mountain climbing to take panoramic pictures, while others prefer swimming and relaxing near water ponds. I also met some tourists who practice the hobby of drawing nature in unique oil paintings”, said Azzan.

The competent authorities have placed guiding signs at the entrance to this village urging tourists to beware of swimming in places with deep water pools. The signs also recommend the need to maintain the cleanliness of the site and to dispose of waste healthily.


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