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Abandoned vehicles cleared in Bausher


Muscat: The Muscat Muscat Municipality in Bausher has started the process of towing away and removing abandoned vehicles and equipment in a number of residential, commercial, and industrial areas and neighborhoods.

The municipality has called for the need to stop abandoned vehicles and equipment and adhere to the applicable regulations.

Muscat Municipality in Al Amerat also removed solid waste and debris from residential neighborhoods and public places in various areas.

The municipality warns that it is mandatory to throw solid waste and rubble in the designated landfills to avoid legal liabilities

The municipality has been organizing field visits on the lookout for vehicles that have been abandoned for long periods.

Several dusty vehicles are seen parked all over the city with clear signs that they have been not attended to for months.

“When these cars are left abandoned for long periods, they become a haven for insects and rodents while waste accumulates on them. The vehicles can be also used by antisocial elements posing social and security risks to society. Vehicles parked in the sun for a longer period are also vulnerable to fire risks,” a statement said.

As per Municipal Resolution 171/2018, the field team removes abandoned vehicles, which are either noticed by supervisors or following a complaint from local citizens and residents.

As per the following procedure, a warning sticker is placed on the vehicle for 14 days, and the vehicle owner must transport the vehicle during that period. Otherwise, the vehicle is impounded for 90 days, and placed in a public auction.

Article (5) of the resolution imposes an administrative fine of RO200 (buses and cars) - after seizing the abandoned vehicle - on its owner when he visits the municipality.

A fine of RO400 on trucks and buses designed to transport more than (15) passengers, locomotives, trailers, tractors, and equipment, while RO1,000 will be imposed on vehicles intended for transporting dangerous materials.

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