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OAA wraps up events at Khareef Dhofar Festival

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SALALAH: As the Khareef Dhofar Festival sweeps through the serene landscapes of Salalah, the Oman Automobile Association (OAA) was set to rev up the festivities with a series of thrilling and captivating events. The association's commitment to promoting motorsports and adventure tourism is on full display as they organised a variety of exciting activities during this year's festival.

The festival, known for its lush greenery and pleasant climate, provides the perfect backdrop for automotive enthusiasts and adventurers to unite and celebrate their passions.

August saw a month full of excitement as the OAA hosted a series of events.

It started with Karting Circuit Experience (July 15 – September 2).

At Salalah Celebrations Square, the motorsport extravaganza kicked off with the Karting Circuit Experience, which was an exhilarating

adventure for individuals aged 5 and above.

In the Digital Room at Salalah Celebrations Square, the Digital Motorsports event took place, running from July 15 to August 31. Here, motorsport enthusiasts indulged in the world of virtual racing and competed against each other in thrilling driving simulators, providing an immersive experience for both casual gamers and competitive drivers. It was an unforgettable summer of motorsport excitement.

Dhofar Al Majad Caravan 8 (August 2): On August 2, the 4x4 Club did a captivating showcase of the governorate's natural beauty for car enthusiasts.

Discover Salalah (August 6-10): From August 6 to 10, the Nizwa Bikers Team led the way in exploring Salalah's hidden gems during the Discover Salalah event.

Dhofar International Bike Race 2 (August 10-12): Heart-pounding action unfolded from August 10 to 12 as Dhofar Motorsports presented the Dhofar International Bike Race 2, a thrilling bike race against the festival's scenic backdrop.

Off-Road Adventure Trip (August 13-25): Adventure seekers were treated from August 13 to 25, as they joined the Axis 3 Overlanders for an adrenaline-pumping journey through rugged terrains.

Promotional Tour to Salalah (August 18-22): From August 18 to 22, the GTR Club invited festival-goers on a promotional tour of Salalah, showcasing the city's beauty.

Motorcycle Trip to Salalah (August 25 - September 1): Oman Riders club took to the open road from August 25 to September 1 trip to Salalah stopping at the beautiful scenery.

OAA Managing Director Suleiman al Rawahi expresses his pride in the association's role in making these events possible.

"We are truly honoured to be a part of the Khareef Dhofar Festival once again. These events embody our commitment to promoting motorsports and adventure tourism in Oman. We believe that the combination of our stunning landscapes and the enthusiasm of our participants will make this festival a memorable experience for all."

"The association's dedication to creating unforgettable moments for automotive enthusiasts and adventure seekers remains unwavering."

The Khareef Dhofar Motorsport series has been partnered with and sponsored by the following organisations: Dhofar Municipality, Shell Oman Marketing Company, Redbull Mobile, Salam Air.

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