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Workers safety gets top priority in Labour Law

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The Labour Law issued by the Royal Decree No 53/2023 prioritises ensuring the safety of all stakeholders at the workplace or worksites by listing in detail the obligations.

Article 103 states that an Occupational Safety and Health Committee shall be established in the Ministry, the formation of which and the definition of its powers and work system shall be determined by a decision of the Minister of Labour. Article 104 states that the employer or his representative is obligated to inform the worker before employing him of the dangers of his profession and the means of prevention that he must take the necessary precautions to protect workers during work from health damage and the dangers of work and machinery, by providing the necessary occupational safety and health conditions in the workplace so that workers can carry out their duties, by ensuring that workplaces are always clean and meet occupational safety and health conditions, by making sure that the machines, parts and tools are installed and maintained in the best safety conditions and by providing the necessary training to familiarise workers with the risks associated with their professions and how to prevent them.

The employer may not charge the worker or deduct any amount from his wages in exchange for providing this protection.

Article 105 states that the worker is obligated to refrain from any action intended to prevent the implementation of instructions or misuse or cause damage to the means established to protect the safety and health of workers in the facility.

The workers must use means of prevention and exercise the necessary care to preserve the equipment and means of work in their possession and implement the established instructions to maintain safety and health.

Article 106 states that the occupational safety and health regulations shall be issued by decision of the minister after coordination with the three production parties (the government, employers and workers), and the concerned authorities, provided that they include general measures for occupational safety and health that must be applied in all workplaces - those related to lighting, ventilation, air renewal, potable water, bathrooms, dust and smoke removal, workers’ sleeping places, and precautions taken against fire.

It will also include penalties prescribed in the event of violating the provisions of these regulations.

Article 107 states that in the event of a violation of the provisions of occupational safety and health, the competent authority may send a written notice to the employer to take corrective measures to stop the violation within the period specified in the notice.

In the event of an imminent danger threatening the safety and health of workers, the ministry must take the necessary measures to close the workplace, either completely or partially, or stop using the equipment until the causes leading to this danger disappear.

Assistance may be requested from the Royal Oman Police, if necessary, to implement these measures.

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