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Hydrom calls global energy firms for Round 2 public auction for green hydrogen production

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MUSCAT: Hydrom, a subsidiary of state-owned Energy Development Oman, is calling global energy companies to participate in Round 2 public auction for the development of green hydrogen production in Dhofar Governorate. The Round 2 public auction, officially launched last June, presents a lucrative opportunity for companies seeking to invest in sustainable energy projects.

According to Hydrom, the Round 2 Public Auction offers up to three prime blocks, ranging in size from 340 km2 to 400 km2, exclusively dedicated to green hydrogen production. Hydrom aims to leverage Dhofar’s abundant renewable energy resources, including wind and solar power, to establish a robust green hydrogen industry in the country.

Applicants for the auction will undergo a comprehensive evaluation process conducted in three stages to ensure that only capable and committed participants with strong financial, development, and operating capabilities are eligible for the competitive bidding process.

The first stage, known as the Minimum Qualification Criteria, establishes the minimum requirements that applicants must meet to demonstrate their capability and commitment. These criteria are designed to ensure that participants possess the necessary financial resources, development expertise, and operational capacities to successfully undertake green hydrogen projects in Dhofar.

The second stage, termed the Minimum Bid Criteria, sets forth the minimum requirements aligning project proposals with the strategic objectives of Oman's foray into the green hydrogen value chain. Only bids that meet these requirements will proceed to the bid evaluation stage.

The final stage of the evaluation process is the Evaluation Framework, which provides a structured and comparative method for assessing bids. This framework adheres to the principles of openness, equal opportunity, equality, and freedom of competition. The evaluation process will be conducted with utmost transparency, ensuring a fair and level playing field for all participants.

Interested companies can visit Hydrom's official website at to access detailed information about the auction, including the specific requirements and guidelines. To participate, companies must submit their Statements of Qualification (SOQ) by the deadline of October 8, 2023.

Last June, Hydrom held a qualification process followed by an investor roadshow, to provide comprehensive insights into the project and address potential queries from participants.

The subsequent phase of the auction will commence this September 2023 with the release of the Request for Proposal (RFP) documents. This will provide qualified bidders with the necessary information to develop their proposals for green hydrogen projects in Dhofar. The bid submission deadline is set for January 2024, allowing participants ample time to prepare and submit their proposals.

The winners of the second round of the auction will be announced by the end of Q1 2024. Successful bidders will be granted the opportunity to develop and operate green hydrogen projects within the allocated blocks. This significant development will not only boost Oman's renewable energy sector but also contribute to the country's efforts in reducing carbon emissions and achieving sustainability goals.

To ensure transparency and fairness throughout the auction process, applicants will be required to register on an online auction platform. Additionally, participants will be requested to sign a Confidentiality Undertaking, safeguarding the sensitive information shared during the auction. It is important to note that a registration fee will be applicable to obtain the Request for Qualification (RFQ) documents.

Qualified bidders, after successfully completing the qualification round, will be required to pay a fee to obtain the Request for Proposal (RFP) documents. Subsequently, a fee for each bid to be submitted will also be applicable. These fees are intended to cover the administrative costs associated with the auction process.

Hydrom recognizes the importance of a robust evaluation process to select the most qualified and suitable bidders for the green hydrogen projects in Dhofar. By implementing a comprehensive evaluation framework, the company aims to ensure that the chosen projects possess the necessary expertise, financial stability, and strategic alignment to drive the growth of the green hydrogen sector in Oman effectively.

For more information about the auction, interested parties are encouraged to visit Hydrom's website.

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