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Maestro of makeup brush keeps an inspirational aura for women


Meet the dynamic and versatile Omani personality, Sarah Ambusaidia, known affectionately as Sarolita. With a multifaceted career, she graces the screen as a charismatic TV host and captivates the airwaves as an engaging FM presenter.

Her talent, however, doesn’t stop there. She is the visionary force behind Sarolita Company, a venture that seamlessly blends beauty, fitness, and marketing services. A true maestro of the makeup brush, she also shares her artistry as a skilled makeup artist.

She is equally active on social media, where her presence is felt across platforms.

Sarah's exceptional attributes extend beyond her professional endeavors. An advocate of altruism, she devotes her time to uplifting the lives of children battling cancer and orphans who deserve a brighter future. Her heart of gold caught the attention of ‘Mrs Universal Empire,’ a prestigious global competition that handpicked just 11 women from around the world. The honour of representing the Gulf region came via a special invitation from the British organisers.

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Layla Najafi, Director of Mrs Universal Empire, shared that Sarah's journey to the spotlight started with a mere Instagram post, a testament to the impact of her remarkable activities and talents. This digital connection led to a message that acknowledged Sarah's beauty, talent, and inspirational aura. Sarah's path forward was paved with a thorough evaluation process, including insightful interviews with the company's visionary founder, Layla Najafi. As destiny would have it, Sarah emerged as the embodiment of Gulf excellence, donning the title of Ms Gulf.

Sarah's participation in the competition resonates with a profound aspiration: To become a beacon of empowerment for women worldwide. Her mission is to spotlight the inherent strength, unwavering success, and timeless beauty that transcends challenges.

In the realm of ‘Mrs Universal Empire,’ the focus transcends the superficial, delving into the depths of personality, intellect, community engagement, character, devotion, confidence, grace under pressure, philanthropic endeavours, and the captivating ability to command a stage. The essence of womanhood is celebrated, emphasising inner beauty, remarkable achievements, and the transformative influence that women wield over society.

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The panel tasked with selecting the torchbearer for this empowering vision is a tapestry of diverse professionals hailing from myriad backgrounds. The very essence of ‘Mrs Universal Empire’ is rooted in the unity of cultures and the global empowerment of women, acknowledging their pivotal role in shaping society's narrative. A meticulous set of guidelines propels contestants on their journey, ensuring their readiness for the ultimate moment when the chief judge shall anoint the reigning queen.

As the conversation with Sarah comes to a close, her words resonate as a universal anthem for women across the globe: "Within you lies a tapestry of beauty and talent; don't allow anything to diminish your self-belief. Have faith in yourself and your aspirations."

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