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Batinah Expressway motorists face threat from stray camels


Muscat: The Batinah Expressway has been prone to fatal accidents, with reports of frequent collisions involving camels and other animals, which calls for the necessity of swift measures to avert the recurrence of these tragic camel-related accidents.

Those responsible for the unfettered presence of these animals on the road must be held accountable, without negligence or leniency, given the potential hazards they pose to the safety of commuters. These incidents should serve as a stern example to others.

The plight of loose camels roaming along the Al Batinah Expressway has often culminated in fatalities. Last Saturday, a young man from Shinas lost his life on the spot when his vehicle collided with a stray camel on the expressway.

The Al Batinah Expressway now exhibits a recurring spectacle where 'stray camels' are allowed by their owners to graze and roam unattended, which troubles both citizens and expatriate motorists. These unexpected apparitions darting across the road bring death in their wake for unsuspecting motorists.

Abdullah al Yahyai aptly noted the deep distress experienced by drivers on this pivotal road due to the menace of loose camels.

A chorus of concerned citizens consistently calls for effective solutions to curb the prevalence of these wandering camels that pose significant peril along the Al Batinah Expressway. The resulting catastrophic accidents, which claim innocent lives, unfold without adequate regulation or control over the road.

Al Yahyai underscores that the core issue lies with the camel owners who fail to observe right-of-way rules, leaving their animals free to frolic on the road with disregard for the ensuing danger and heightened accident rates.

He firmly advocates for resolute legal measures to be taken against these owners to curb the rampant spread of this profoundly hazardous phenomenon. In parallel, road users also bear a responsibility to exercise caution, adhere to traffic instructions, and refrain from excessive speeding.

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