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OETC achieves major milestone in RO 183m ‘Rabt’ phase 1 project

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MUSCAT: In a significant development for Oman’s electricity infrastructure, the Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC) — a part of Nama Group — has successfully achieved a remarkable progress percentage of 98.55 per cent in Phase 1 of its national strategic project, ‘Rabt.’

This initiative aims to connect the electricity network between the northern and southern governorates of the country, promoting enhanced power transmission and fostering economic growth.

With a total investment of RO 183 million, Phase 1 of the ‘Rabt’ project marks a critical step towards strengthening Oman’s power transmission capabilities.

The successful completion of this phase is a testament to the OETC’s commitment to modernise and expand the country’s electrical infrastructure.

The primary objective of the ‘Rabt’ project is to establish a robust and reliable electricity network that will ensure a seamless flow of power between the northern and southern governorates of Oman.

The completion of Phase 1 brings Oman closer to achieving this goal, as it entails the construction of vital overhead transmission lines (OHL) spanning a length of over 669 kilometres. The project has also prioritised safety, with over 15 million safe man-hours dedicated to its implementation. This underscores the OETC’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety for its workforce and the communities it serves. By connecting the electricity networks of the northern and southern governorates, the ‘Rabt’ project will significantly improve the stability, reliability, and efficiency of Oman’s power transmission infrastructure. This, in turn, will contribute to the country’s economic growth by facilitating the development of industries, businesses, and residential areas across the nation.

The successful completion of Phase 1 has set the stage for subsequent phases of the ‘Rabt’ project, which will further expand and optimise Oman’s electricity transmission capabilities.

Upon its full completion, the project will enable the seamless exchange of power across different governorates of the country, reducing dependency on localised power sources and enhancing overall energy security.

In the subsequent stage, the interconnector is planned to extend southward for an additional distance of approximately 502 kilometres, starting from Duqm and reaching all the way to Thamrait, where it will connect with the Dhofar System. The estimated investment for Phase 2 amounts to around RO 190 million.

By the year 2025, upon achieving full operational status, the Rabt Interconnector Project will establish a unified national grid that will efficiently distribute competitively-priced electricity to a significant portion of consumers. This development will eliminate the need for diesel-powered generation in most areas of the country and will facilitate the integration of solar and wind-based power generation technologies.

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