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The photographic odyssey of a young Omani


By Zuwaina Al-Sulimani

There's no better way to describe Ammar Bin Salim al Amri than as a nomad photographer trying to capture the soul of Oman through his lens.

He is among the young creative Omanis who have developed their own unique voices in photography, his work reverberating with the hues of the ochre deserts, vibrant souqs, and tranquil coastal villages.

Hailing from the wilayat of Izki in the Al Dakhiliyah Governorate, Ammar is currently a student taking journalism at Sultan Qaboos University. Despite his young age, he is already a member of some photographic groups in Oman and has been successful in clinching photography awards directed at youth.

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In 2019, he won third place in the youth creativity competition held at the wilayat level, and in 2023, he also gained third place in the 26th Photography Week Competition held by SQU.

Talking about his experience in photography, Ammar said, “Being an Omani photographer distinguishes me as a unique individual, and growing up in Oman, surrounded by the diverse and beautiful terrain of my beloved country, I believe that I have gone through remarkable experiences and adventures. These diverse terrains clearly helped me capture different, artistic, and beautiful photos."

He added, “Photography has been a passion for me since my early childhood. As a young child, I was amazed by the power of cameras and how they worked. It has become one of my favorite hobbies since 2014."

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He shared, "My first experience in photography, which made me realize the love I have for this craft, was when my older brother requested me to document his wedding day. Learning from that experience torched a deep passion in me, inspiring me to learn more about how to be a good photographer," he said.

He added, "My biggest development in photography happened when I became a member of the photography group at Sultan Qaboos University, which has great credit for refining and developing my talent and making me who I am now.”

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He shared, “My unforgettable shot was an overhead photo in Niyabat Tiwi in the Wilayat Sur on the annual trip of the photography group. The photo shows the incredible phenomenon of the meeting of two types of water of different densities in the sea that made the sea split into two halves.”

This phenomenon is mentioned in the Quran in Surat Alrahman in the Ayah “He merged the two bodies of water, converging together. (20) Between them is a barrier that they do not overrun”.

Ammar added, “This shot is special to me because it reminded me of the power of the Almighty Creator.”

From north to west, Oman is considered a treasure for creative photographers due to its beautiful and outstanding natural places. Ammar, like other photographers, is on a mission to bring these amazing landscapes to life.

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"In my personal opinion, there are several qualities that a good photographer must have. They might always seek continuous growth, plan trips, enhance their skills, love what they do, and love discovering new things, as well as love life and possess the curiosity to look at it from different perspectives. It is important, of course, to be consistent, but despite all achievements, one must still have the beautiful trait of humility," he said.

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