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Feeling of being lost? It is part of life


“You have to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations. Once down you have to get up, life waits for no one.” I always felt my journey has never been one to celebrate about, and could never see the meaning of my journey.

But when I dwelled deep reliving those stories, I could envision my journey turning into a famous book, one which made readers engaged — every page pulling the readers more into my world and reliving it.

Would that be an Interesting book to read? The same could be said of you. We all have a journey worth sharing. I can bet you, it could turn into a great story to read, a bestseller.

Yes, everyone’s journey has a story worth telling. The world is full of stories being lived every day and those stories which we live in always have a surprise and an unexpected turn of events.

Life is never a dull moment. But many times in our journey has gotten us all confused and lost, we can only see dead ends. I thought I made the right turn, how did I end up here again?

This roller-coaster of a ride never seems to end, at times we can’t gather breath and if we do it’s only for a moment before we are thrown back into the maze, running for our lives like a maze runner.

Only this maze was purposely designed for us, given to us because we can handle it.

The idea is to have a little faith, for everything happens for a reason whether you believe it or not. Nothing is by chance. So I say, do you feel confused for all that has happened or is happening, naturally you will. I wouldn’t be surprised if you feel lost and want to give up.

With all the twists and turns that you have faced in your journey. How many battles have you won, only to find out you're still fighting the war?

A good war you’re fighting, but as they say everything happens for a reason. Those battles are meant for you, they are never above your capabilities.

Moreover, they are meant to challenge you to be better, experienced and gaining those merits which you will need along your journey.

But why is it so hard? Well my friend no one said it will be easy, nor do you wish for it to be easy. What you asked for is to have a meaningful life, but you have to pass the test before the reward. Nothing is for free!!

You never said how you wanted or how it should be packaged. Like everything else you have to put in the work in getting your wish. So, feeling lost and confused on our journey is part of the process.

But what doesn’t help in this whole process, is we spend too much time complaining and comparing ourselves to those who have succeeded in their journey.

We have so much expectation on how our lives would turn out. We never stopped for a moment to realise that in any moment things could change and we would have to be ready to adjust to change.

Whatever it is, never ever be put off by what has been thrown at you. These challenges are designed for you, whereby outcome grants you victory.

So, the feeling of being lost is a natural part of your life’s journey, hang on and embrace the ride. Keep your head up and never look down.

Never despair. It happens to the best of us.

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