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Diverse Activities Await in Jabal Akdhar


While all eyes are on misty Dhofar and its foggy mountains at this time of the year, those that have limited time can look at the festivities of Jabal Akdhar as an option.

It has been a very eventful few weeks for Jabal Akdhar as it celebrated the Jabal Akdhar Festival, but other than this main event, multiple pocket celebrations are happening in different areas that make a trip to the mountain even more entertaining.

The one we didn't miss visiting is the Rummana pop-up event organized by the founders of Teepee Oman. The team, in collaboration with farm owners in Jabal Akdhar and some private organizations, transformed some parts of the pomegranate gardens into a beautiful afternoon escape filled with food stalls, an artisanal crafts section, and access to the pomegranate trails and trees.

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Accessible to the public until September, Rummana is a beautiful celebration of the pomegranate trees, which also serves as a more educational way of understanding the importance of these trees. From the pomegranate-infused food and drinks to interacting with the farmers and sharing knowledge about the life cycle of the trees, it proved to be a hit among families, especially the kids.

During our visit, the sporadic rain and the cooler Jabal Akdhar weather offered an insight into why these trees thrive in the mountains. Furthermore, the setup is well-designed so that there are plenty of photo opportunities across the event's area.

While we enjoyed our visit, we would have loved to harvest and buy some of the fruits. According to some locals, it will take a few more days before the pomegranates are ready for harvest, so by the time you visit, this might already be a feasible option.

Just imagine being able to handpick your own pomegranate.

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Coffee with a view

Beyond the pomegranate gardens, about 20 minutes drive towards Alila Jabal Akdhar, the road forks to the right, which leads to the beautiful Al Suwgra Village.

Usually remote and peaceful, The Suwgra village continues to widen its offerings, partnering with different groups to bring something new to its guests.

Al Suwgra is a village perched on top of a cliff in Jabal Akdhar, offering a stunning view of the wadi below and the panoramic mountain on the other side. The Al Shuraiqi family used to call these buildings home, but since they moved to the opposite cliff, rather than let the old homes fall into ruin, they've renovated the old village and now offer guests a unique look at what it means to live in the mountains.

Over the last few days, they also had a partnership with a cafe to offer an amazing coffee experience overlooking the beautiful scenes of their part of Jabal Akdhar.

If you are ready for a short hike, head out to the Suwgra and give them a visit to understand why we think the future of this inn is bright as an alternative place to stay.

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Diverse activities

Jabal Akdhar's number one reason for being an amazing destination during the summer is its weather. The mountains also offer plenty of open spaces where families can enjoy a fun night of camping.

Other than the fun offerings of the festival, dusit d2 Naseem Resort is also becoming a big draw for visitors because of the hotel's family-centric activities. Other than biking and scootering within the resort property, the Adventure Park right at the heart of the property allows families to have a different kind of fun suited for kids with adventurous spirits. Whether it's wall climbing, zip lining, or walking on elevated platforms, it's definitely a must-try.

For adults, of course, the two main luxury hotels in Jabal Akdhar, Alila and Anantara, both offer their own version of a Via Ferrata. If you don't know what it is, it's walking or hanging on steel cables to get from one point to another, and it allows you a different kind of adventure but with all the safety precautions.

If you are planning a weekend getaway but cannot travel to Dhofar at this time, Jabal Akdhar is definitely a great option. Go check it out if you can this weekend.

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