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Mobile laboratory to ensure food safety during Khareef Festival

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In a pioneering move, the Dhofar Municipality has unveiled a mobile food laboratory to oversee and regulate food vendors participating in events and activities during the Khareef Dhofar season of 2023. This innovative endeavour aims to ensure the utmost safety of food offerings and their adherence to established specifications and standards, while expediting the process of food and beverage analysis for swift actions.

The mobile food laboratory is a groundbreaking initiative that stands as the first of its kind, reflecting the Dhofar Municipality's commitment to safeguarding public health during the highly anticipated Khareef Dhofar festival. This laboratory will play a pivotal role in swiftly generating examination results, which will empower health inspectors to promptly take the necessary measures in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations enforced by the Dhofar Municipality.

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Salah bin Salem al Ajili, the Director of the Food and Laboratories Department in Dhofar Municipality, shared insights into this pioneering effort. "This laboratory marks an unprecedented milestone in the Sultanate of Oman, offering a distinctive approach that bolsters the existing municipal laboratory. It equips state inspectors with the ability to take immediate actions without protracted delays in awaiting test results, a critical capability considering the multitude of mobile food vendors operating across the Dhofar Governorate during the 2023 Khareef season," he said.

Al-Ajili further emphasised the mobile food laboratory's significance in comprehensively assessing various food-related activities, extracting samples for meticulous examination and laboratory analysis. In addition to regulatory oversight, the initiative extends to raising awareness and providing education on the facets of food preservation and safety. To effectively communicate its services, the mobile laboratory will deploy specialised experts who will be in sync with the laboratory's operations throughout its deployment.

The mobile laboratory is an integral facet of the Dhofar Municipality's unwavering commitment to the wellbeing and safety of all festival-goers during the Khareef Dhofar season. The initiative underscores the municipality's determination to proactively address challenges by delivering rapid solutions that cater to the needs of food vendors, ultimately ensuring the health and safety of all visitors through the provision of secure and hygienic culinary offerings.

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