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Getting ready for new school year

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Muscat - In a few weeks, schools will open their doors, signalling the commencement of a fresh academic year. Pupils will reconvene in their classrooms, embarking on the next leg of their educational expedition. As each new semester begins, students confront a range of hurdles concerning adapting their daily schedules and managing their time to better align with their academic commitments.

Although a significant number of students might initially grapple with a disorder in the initial days or weeks of the upcoming school term, it is important to note that this short period can positively or negatively impact the remaining part of the school year. It is essential to equip students with effective strategies to navigate the challenges of transitioning back to the academic routine.

Ahmed al Risi, an educational expert, emphasises the importance of proactive preparation to ensure a smooth start to the school year.

"The beginning of each academic term brings both excitement and trepidation for students. Parents and guardians must play a pivotal role in guiding their children through this transition," says Al Risi.

Al Risi's recommendations include fostering a positive mindset towards school by highlighting its benefits. Parents are encouraged to engage in conversations that emphasise the enjoyable aspects of learning, reconnecting with friends, and acquiring vital life skills.

Parents can gradually help their children allocate time for recreational activities and ensure sufficient sleep. Moreover, Al Risi advocates a gradual shift towards effective time management and discipline. Parents can facilitate a sense of organisation that supports academic success by involving children in creating routines that incorporate both study and leisure activities.

"One of the best ways that parents can do is to take their children shopping for school supplies and backpacks, making them feel prepared and excited for the new academic year," Al Risi added.

To address the concerns that often arise as children approach school age, Al Risi advises involving older siblings in conversations about the positive aspects of school. This can help alleviate anxieties and foster a sense of excitement about the new experiences awaiting them.

In the context of the challenges parents face when their child begins school, Al Risi underscores the importance of understanding the child's perspective. Parents can create an atmosphere of safety and support by actively addressing fears related to school assignments and the new environment.

Parents should ease their child's concerns regarding school tasks and go to school by comprehending their apprehensions and providing comfort that both educators and parents are available to assist them.

By altering unfavourable viewpoints and highlighting the pleasurable and beneficial facets of the school, parents can aid youngsters in approaching school with enthusiasm and a receptive outlook.

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