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A true inspiration to future Omani filmmakers


One of the young Omani talents that Oman is proud of is the filmmaker, director Fahd Al-Maimani, who spoke to us about his passion and work in the film industry. He says about his inspiration in this industry that he finds inspiration in everyday life, where he notices the small details and touching stories that turned into distinctive films. Also inspired by watching wonderful short films by creative directors, as he tries to understand how they tell stories and use cinema to express thoughts and feelings. In addition to the visual arts, music, and literature, from which he can draw visual elements and artistic directions to enhance his cinematic stories. In general, he believes that inspiration can come from any source and that it takes curiosity and openness to explore new worlds and turn them into exciting cinematic stories.

Director Fahd El Maimani participated in the 12th edition of the Chefchaouen International Environmental Film Festival in the Kingdom of Morocco. This festival is one of the most prominent cinematic platforms that shed light on global environmental issues and promote community awareness of the importance of environmental protection.

He presented his award-winning documentary “You Will Not Dive Alone” during the festival’s activities, noting that the film was accepted in many festivals, including the International Environment Film Festival in the Federal Republic of Russia and the I.M. Which in the United Kingdom and the Saudi Film Festival.

Al-Maimani described his film as telling the story of the world of the deep seas and oceans in a charming and dazzling way. It tells the story of the Omani sailor Faisal Al-Yazidi and Ahmed Al-Busaidi and their close relationship with this enchanting world. As they share their experiences and adventures between land and sea, the film delves into the details of this mysterious world and reveals different worlds under the surface of the water, with scenes that take the audience on an exploratory journey to discover beauty.

It is noticeable in his directing style, which is characterized by dynamism and enthusiasm and relies on the use of quick shots and quick editing to find and enhance the rhythm and enthusiasm in the films.

The films he enjoys directing most are documentaries with a fast pace. He finds that this type of film allows him to express stories in a strong and exciting way, and can highlight key scenes, and deliver information quickly and effectively.

Director Fahad also added that he gets support from his family and friends who encourage, support his career, and help him achieve his vision and overcome challenges.

He also finds support from the employer in which he works, as he is also a lecturer in the photography department at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences in Muscat, which supports him through external participation in festivals. He also adds the role of the Omani Film Society in supporting filmmakers to deliver their message and contribute to external events. They ask the private sector and government agencies to provide them with financial and psychological assistance and to pay attention to the importance of the work they do because it contributes to promoting culture, promoting tourism, and influencing societies around the world.

Challenges are a natural part of the journey of creativity and success. The director adds, saying about the challenges in this field, it can be said that they can be challenges in limited resources, time, and scheduling, so a balance must be achieved between the available time and the available resources to complete the project successfully.

As well as finding the right actors and technical team and a professional technical team in addition to marketing and promotion after the completion of the production of the short film.

Challenges are a natural part of the journey of creativity and success. You can overcome challenges through continuous learning and passion, hard work, and collaboration with your team and your network of contacts.

He advises every beginner in this wonderful field to discover his passion, i.e. search for topics and stories that interest and inspire you.

Learn from great short films, that is, watch distinguished and well-known short films, and benefit from them. Pay attention to the cinematic styles and techniques you use and how you tell stories effectively. Invest in continuing education: exploring different branches of filmmaking. It also urges them to communicate with professionals and creators in the film industry, attend film events and festivals, and participate in discussions and workshops.

He advises them to prepare for failure and learn from it. Persistence, perseverance, and most important thing is to enjoy the work you do and be committed to continuous learning and improving your skills.

The Omani director is looking forward to directing feature films and participating in international film festivals. It also seeks to guide and influence the new generation of filmmakers by providing lectures, workshops, and training.

He also plans to communicate and collaborate with professional production teams and search for suitable financing for large projects.

As he is proud to represent Oman by participating in international festivals. As Oman has a rich and beautiful cultural heritage, he is committed to highlighting the stories and experiences inspired by the country through his cinematic work. He hopes that his works will have a positive impact on Omani society and reflect its diversity and cultural heritage in an inspiring way.

Ultimately, Omani director Fahad Al-Maimani aims to be an inspiring role model for Omani youth and to enhance Oman's position in the field of international cinema.

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