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Dhofar Municipality takes action against illegal restaurants in Salalah

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The Dhofar Municipality has launched a crackdown on illegal restaurants operating in the region during the fall of Dhofar Khareef. The municipality has undertaken an extensive campaign to ensure strict compliance with safety standards and legal requirements. Non-compliant establishments and those employing unsafe practices, such as the use of crackers, will face immediate removal from the area.

With this action, the primary objectives of the municipality are to enhance the overall appearance, establish a secure and welcoming environment for residents and tourists alike, and prioritise public health. Additionally, the preservation of the environment and the sustainable utilisation of natural resources remain at the forefront of the move.

Supporting economic and social growth in various areas of Dhofar Governorate during the summer tourism season (khareef) is a key element of the municipality's strategy, aimed at bolstering the region's allure to tourists while preserving its pristine natural beauty.

A spokesperson from the municipality emphasised, "The crackdown includes stringent regulations governing the operation of mobile cafes and street vendors, effectively curbing the unauthorised sale of food and goods without proper licenses and compliance with health requirements. Our ultimate aim is to ensure the well-being of consumers and maintain the overall aesthetic appeal of our beloved region by designating specific allocated sites for those engaging in these commercial activities." Furthermore, the municipality has issued a stern warning to owners of unlicensed mobile vehicles and kiosks, urging them to halt their operations until obtaining the necessary approvals and licenses. Unlicensed mobile coffee shop vehicles that fail to meet health requirements will be subject to prompt removal.

In conclusion, the Dhofar Municipality demonstrates its unwavering commitment to enforcing safety measures, enhancing the region's appearance, promoting public health, and fostering sustainable growth during the peak tourism season (Khareef).

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