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WhatsApp rolls out a real-time video message

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WhatsApp has introduced a new feature, allowing its users to send and receive short video messages in their chats. These real-time video messages will be limited to up to 60 seconds. The video messages will be similar to the voice note feature available on the platform. The new feature comes with end-to-end encryption, ensuring privacy for users.

The rollout for WhatsApp video messages has already begun and will be available to all users globally soon.

“New for WhatsApp -- we're adding the ability to instantly record and share a video message in your WhatsApp chats. It's as easy as sending a quick voice message,” Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post.

WhatsApp said that the new feature allows users to record video messages, with a personalized touch to various occasions like birthday wishes, sharing good news, or conveying any important information.

While the rollout of the feature is still in process, users can access it manually by downloading the latest version of the instant messaging app on the Google Play Store or App Store.

Users can just tap and hold on to the icon to the right of the text field to switch to video mode. They can swipe up to the lock and record the video just like in the case of voice notes. The video message, by default, will play automatically without sound when the recipient opens it in chat. If one taps on the video, it will activate the sound.

Just a few months ago, WhatsApp rolled out another interesting feature that enables users to automatically silence calls from unknown numbers. Another update included giving users the ability to edit a message within 15 minutes of sending it. WhatsApp is reportedly is also working on giving usernames on the platform.

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