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BSC Announce Cricket Tour in Texas, US

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MUSCAT: Bausher Sports Centre (BSC) announced the international tour in Texas, US, in corporation with North Texas Cricket Association (NTCA), from July 27 to August 7.

This tour marks a significant milestone for 15 talented players, of nurturing young cricketing talents and providing them with unparalleled global sports exposure.

The BSC has been a pioneer in promoting cricketing excellence in Muscat, to improve the skills and talents into noteworthy sportsmen who bring pride to Oman.

Sandesh Dhuri, the Head Coach of Cricket, explained to Oman Daily Observer, "the BSC is one of the private training centres in the country, that forges a strong association with Oman Cricket as ,BSC's extensive experience in organising and participating in international cricket tours"

Sandesh expressed confidence in the team's abilities and conveyed his gratitude to Oman Cricket for its unwavering support in nurturing young cricketing talents.

Over the years, BSC has graced various cricketing destinations, including Dubai, Australia, Qatar, Sri Lanka, India, and the UK. As well as building enduring relationships with the international players.

BSC admin emphasised the inclusive approach for selecting the players, that an open invitation is extended to all aspiring cricketers in Oman. In certain cases, the talent search expands to schools in different regions of Oman, welcoming youngsters with a passion for cricket to join the touring squad.

The North Texas Cricket Association (NTCA), a governing body for cricket in North Texas, extended an invitation to BSC for a cricketing in Texas. NTCA, with its representation of 65 clubs and 1,200 members, plays a pivotal role in governing and administering the game while actively contributing to the growth of cricket in the region. It also spearheads the staging of all cricket events in North Texas.

Highlighting the team's approach to fostering camaraderie and forging strong connections during the tour, Nimish emphasised the importance of playing good cricket. "If we show our best cricket on the field, not only will we strengthen our bond as team-mates, but we will also build good connections with our opponent teams. We are keen to leave a positive impact both on and off the field," he said.

As BSC sets forth on this journey, it not only aspires to excel on the cricket field but also to strengthen cultural ties and build lasting friendships between Muscat and Texas, leaving a mark of sportsmanship and camaraderie.

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