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Inspiring Oman’s New Generation Through Cinematic Vision


He has worked with some of the biggest brands in Oman to create corporate and creative videos showcasing the best the country has to offer. In his career so far, he has also collaborated with an international firm to create a film that eventually earned Kuwait a Guinness World Record and his vision is to inspire the new generation of Omanis to look at film-making not just as a viable career option but to inspire and preserve culture and heritage.

In the world of content creation, Shabib bin Saeed al Hadi is definitely one of the most prolific Omani creators. His love for movies started at a very young age and by the time he found his footing in the sports industry, he also managed to establish himself as the go-to producer and director for short films.

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Shabib’s journey was not an easy one. And truth be told, it was also expensive but his creativity is not just contained within film production, it also expands into his film-making equipment.

When he realised that he wanted a career in film and content production, Shabib was determined to acquire some of the best equipment available. He understood that to capture the best shots, he has to invest in his profession, and with initiative and innovation, he customised many of his gears so that he was able to save more than OMR 2000 for equipment alone.

While he started his career filming sports events, his interest eventually grew expanding not just to creative photography but also to short film production.

The quality of his films managed to capture the attention of some of the biggest brands in Oman but his first one was the collaborative two-year contract with Rotana where he became a creative photographer creating content for the brand’s social media channels.

That contract would eventually lead to other collaborations and his portfolio now includes the Human Rights Organization, PDO, OQ, and HSBC Bank, Majid al Futtaim, and many others.

Asked what he thinks had made him different than other creators, Shabib shared that other than the creativity side, he said he always aims for memorable shots and angles and ones that are not often seen or overused in Oman.

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Over time, he secured a contract with Kuwait to collaborate for their campaign of installing the world’s largest flag on Jabal Shams and Al Hadarat Al Sabaa. Providing the needed insights on how to deal with different conditions, Kuwait snagged a Guinness Certificate for the said achievement and Shabib was named one of the team members to make it possible.

Shabib views content creation as a powerful tool to shape perspectives and bridge cultural gaps. He aspires to follow the path of leading countries that have used cinema to showcase their cultures to the world.

Passionate in various subjects, Shabib focuses on religious, historical, and nature-related themes. While he tried to be diverse, at the heart of what he does is the well-being of children, both physically and mentally.

Through his lens, he strives to bring smiles to their faces and empower them with self-confidence.

One of his most memorable films is the story of a 10-year-old boy with a disability who became an unexpected hero when he showcased the boy’s courage in living with his disability. Shabib said that he will never forget how the film created an impact in the community and through the film, how the boy manage to realise his impact on the community around him despite his challenge.

This encounter transformed not only the child’s life but also touched the hearts of many who witnessed his extraordinary journey.

Shabib said that as a film-maker, he likes working independently — from writing the narrative to directing to editing.

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He shared that there is definitely a need for better educational resources and academies that foster film-making skills in the country.

Shabib strives to create cinematic pieces that engage and leave a lasting impression. He emphasised the beauty of filmmaking as an art form, aiming to deliver powerful scenes and messages. For him, Oman is a very charming place for a lot of foreign film-makers and content creators too and he will never forget the time he bridged the gap between foreign filmmakers and the locals in Nizwa souq helping the team get the shots they need.

“It was an amazing piece of work when I put the spotlight on these travellers trying to document the daily life of people from the souq,” he said.

When asked what his next move will be, Shabib shared: “I look forward to creating historical films that will introduce the younger generation to the rich heritage of the country the same way that Hollywood and the West put the spotlight in their own heritage.”

He ended that if there’s one thing he is confident about, it is that he will make his dreams a reality and that his determination and passion are what sets him apart from the rest.

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