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Five things you have to know before checking out Logos Hope



Logos Hope, the renowned floating library, has made its port of call in the heart of Port Sultan Qaboos. A former passenger cruise ship turned literary haven, Logos Hope offers a unique opportunity for visitors to browse and purchase books, engage in cultural exchange, and embark on a voyage of discovery. Here are five essential things to know before you embark on this captivating literary experience.


Logos Hope has found its temporary home in Port Sultan Qaboos, enchanting visitors with its grand presence. Private vehicles are not allowed directly at the port. To visit the ship, the public is directed to park in front of the Al Mina Offices, located about 500 metres away from the port. To find the location, type in Logos Hope in Google Maps, and it will direct you to the parking area.

After parking, the public will be asked to stand in line (expect a queue as they are experiencing hundreds of visitors daily) where the entrance fee is collected. A shuttle will drop off visitors to the port terminal.

Operational Timings

Logos Hope’s doors are open from 4 pm to 10 pm. The last ticket sale occurs at 9:30 pm, allowing ample time for exploration and discovery. Once on board, visitors will undergo a brief seminar explaining the layout of the ship as well as the guiding rules for exploring the library. There is no time limit for staying on the ship but stay within designated areas as other portions of the ship are not for public access.

Entry Fee

For the cost of a mere 500 baisa, adults gain access to the treasures aboard Logos Hope. Children, accompanied by adults, can delight in the journey without incurring any entry fee, fostering a love for literature and education from a young age. This nominal price grants access to a world brimming with approximately 5,000 titles of educational materials and other captivating books.

What to See Onboard

With an extensive collection of educational materials, encompassing diverse genres and subjects, visitors can find books that cater to their unique interests and passions. From classics to contemporary works, the floating library offers something for every reader. Whether you seek adventure in fiction or thirst for knowledge in non-fiction, Logos Hope has it all. Best of all is take the opportunity to interact with the crew as they love sharing and hearing your own journey.

Amenities and Activities

Beyond its vast collection of books, Logos Hope provides an array of amenities and activities to enhance the visitor experience. A food court tantalises taste buds with an assortment of flavours from around the world. Book club activities are held throughout the day, encouraging visitors to engage in discussions, author talks, and literary events. The ship truly becomes a hub for cultural exchange and intellectual engagement.

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