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THE CORRESPONDENT: Celebrating athletes and inspiring the next generation


Oman’s strategic geographic location has made it a hub for international competitions and collaborations. As Oman embraces its sporting future with open arms, The Correspondent stands as a beacon of journalistic integrity and innovation.

In this edition, we looked at the sporting events Oman has hosted in the first two quarters of the year. These events, with their frequency and diversity, are testament to the country’s readiness to host and deliver.

We also covered different areas, including the developments happening within the sporting industry, the support being given not just by the government but also private entities, among others.

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At the heart of this magazine is the much needed recognition of Oman’s athletes. Recognizing influential athletes from Oman is necessary because it inspires the next generation, promotes national pride, encourages sports participation,

attracts investment, challenges stereotypes, and strengthens international sporting relations.

By giving due recognition to these remarkable athletes, we acknowledge their contributions and showcase the immense sporting potential that Oman possesses.

The Correspondent team would like to clarify that the selected athletes were assessed by the editors based on their overall performance as well as their social impact. This magazine feature also laid the foundation for what we wanted to do in

the future: create a comprehensive list of athletes and give them the due honour they deserve.

The team understands that Oman has a vibrant sporting scene. We are yet to fully archive and document all the wonderful, talented men and women who are showcasing exemplary skills in their different sports, including e-games, skating, and other games that do not necessarily fall under the traditional sports that we all come to know.

In this era of inclusivity, where every voice deserves to be heard, The Correspondent wanted to create a blueprint of what needed to be done. By amplifying the voices of athletes, shedding light on emerging sports,

and celebrating Oman’s cultural heritage, The Correspondent will continue to strive to give honour where honour is due.

This is just the beginning and in our next editions, we certainly hope we’d be able to include the new voices making a difference for Oman.

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