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The challenges of being a boss


Being bossy is never something the intention, but being bossy will never make you win any awards nor bring out the best in your employees. You are more likely to have demotivated, uninterested employee.

So as the story goes. You got promoted after years of hard work, and you have been introduced to the team as their boss. Feelings are high your first day goes well, motivated, hopeful, enthusiastic, and ready for anything.

Weeks passed by you started to settle into your role, you worked hard in creating a healthy work environment, bringing the team together, and instilling your ideas and work ethics you do your best in bringing out the best of your colleagues.

But you started to notice a change a shift in moods as if the fresh paint had worn off. Chinese whispers flying around the office the words being said about you.

You are still focused, ignoring the whispers and continuing on with your job.

In the back of your mind, remember the day when you were that person complaining, but still determined to show your colleague you are not like the other bosses. ‘That you’re different’.

As months pass you gained confidence in yourself, and you start to develop and show results. All is well right? Well not really.

What you see as a normal day at work, your hard work in setting up your office and creating a smooth workflow. Your colleagues will notice a difference in you ‘he is not the same person when he was one of us’.

The whispers about how you have changed like the bossing around, the workload, the pressure, and the list goes on.

While in reality, it is never that simple, you are trying to do a job and trying your best to get the best out of your team. You are simply trying your best to do your job, making the best out of it, and surviving it as much as the next person.

You cannot blame the human mind or their emotions, it can take us far away past the point of rational thinking. Basically, we will see the person in the reflection of our emotions and then use our real sense to make judgments.

So when exploring, for example, the employee’s expectations they want a boss who is compassionate, decisive, a decision maker and a leader, a figurehead, and respectful.

When exploring the expectation any boss from their employees is reliable, consistent, hardworking, able to listen to instructions, a team player, and respectful.

But, whatever the case is the person in charge is only trying to do their job and make the most out of it.

Yes, we all de-rail from the track, but open communication will support that issue. So, it helps to have an open mind.

Also, the idea to control another person is never the intention nor is making anyone miserable at work. We should remember seating on that seat comes with its own challenges, pressure, and stress with the weight of responsibilities on the shoulders of that person.

It would be good to make a point of that.

Yes, it does look good on paper the title, responsibility, the pay rise, parking space, and others. But that only adds up to the stress that comes with the chair.

One should not be an envoy, but an empathic of the colleague with the pen and the one holding the pen should be patient with the person they call their peer.

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