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Oman braces for sweltering heat, issues heat advisory

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MUSCAT: Oman experienced extremely high temperatures on Thursday, with similar conditions expected to persist over the next two days, particularly during noon hours, reaching the mid-forties to early 50s Celsius in desert and open areas.

In response, the Oman Met Office has issued a warning advising people to avoid direct exposure to sunlight in the afternoons.

The primary aim of the advisory is to prevent sunstroke, heat exhaustion, and other heat-related symptoms, especially for individuals working outdoors under direct sunlight and high temperatures.

The Oman Meteorology department has provided instructions to mitigate the risks, which include regulating and scheduling work hours to ensure rest periods during peak temperatures.

Staying well-hydrated by drinking sufficient water to avoid dehydration is also emphasised. Additionally, workers and supervisors are being trained on how to identify and handle cases of heat stress.

The advisory also recommends avoiding outdoor activities during the peak of the day to minimise direct exposure to intense sunlight.

However, the weather forecaster at the Oman Met Office noted that the actual field temperature may be higher than the observed temperature due to factors such as humidity, making it feel even hotter for individuals.

Astronomically, summer officially began in Oman on June 21, marking the summer solstice when Earth reaches its maximum axial tilt towards the Sun at 23.44°. This date, known as the longest day, signifies the onset of summer.

Meanwhile, Al Hajar Mountains have been generating local clouds and causing rainfall in wadis, as evidenced by the flowing of Wadi Bani Ghafir in Al Rustaq.

Opportunities for local thunderstorms accompanied by strong downward winds are expected in the afternoon, primarily in the eastern and western Al Hajar Mountains.

A notable aspect of this year's summer is the early arrival of Khareef, the monsoon season in Dhofar Governorate. However, the weather forecaster explained that this is temporary, and a break in the weather conditions will occur before the actual Khareef season begins.

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