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The power of emotions: harnessing the strength within

Your emotions could be your biggest asset if you know how to control them and allow them to be your guide, part of your other senses

THE sense of emotion although is considered a feeling rather than a sense, is considered as a primal sense of a person.

Our emotions is what makes us human, it has the power to rule and influence our decisions, what we say, affect our present, our relationships, our judgment and even being a good person.

Our emotions can have a positive or negative impact on our lives. Just thinking of that we shouldn’t take the power of our emotions lightly or face the consequence of the wrong decision made if we can’t control it.

For instance, other day I was on my evening walks when I saw a boy crying alone. I felt bad and scared that he may have been separated from his parents or wandered off and couldn’t find his way home.

My emotion was running high and approached to talk to the boy, but only to see his mother coming over to him saying come let’s go I will buy you ice cream after I completed my walking.

The boy then stopped crying and left with his mother. I felt relieved but also confused about how my emotions went wild.

Situations like these where your emotion takes control and your judgment of the situation was determined by how you felt rather than using your other sense to see, hear, smell or touch.

They say that females are sensitive and emotional their decisions are based on how they feel, which could be true to some extent.

But females have managed to master their emotions so that they may aid them. Some have also used it to better their decision-making skills.

Being emotional has made them a master elevating that feeling to an empathic level.

As for the male we tend to hold our emotions deep inside. I mean our real emotions, we always try to make decisions based on logic with no show of emotion.

Many would think this by design a default of all men. But the reality is far from true, men are emotional and sensitive too but have not yet mastered it.

We are brought up to what society had painted, that all men should be tough, ragged, so there is no room for emotions. ‘It is what we have become, I guess’.

But in reality, men are emotional and empathic but we haven’t learned to share or let it out. We tend to bottle it in most of the time.

This is another best trait of women and their bravery in sharing and talking and letting their emotions out.

I never considered showing emotions as a sign of weakness but as strength of a person. Your emotions could be your biggest asset if you know how to control them and allow them to be your guide, part of your other senses.

It will be a great tool in many of the situations long as you’re away.

As it is said we have to control emotions or it will control you, because If we can’t this may cause more harm than good. That powerful human feeling can be both devastating and beneficial.

Remember with great power comes great responsibility.

The writer is a banker by day and an author by night

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