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Cyclone Biporjoy threatens Oman, India, and Pakistan

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Cyclone Biporjoy, named after the recommendation from Bangladesh, has intensified and is set to reach its peak. It is the second storm of the 2023 Indian Ocean cyclone season. The storm’s centre is currently 1,133 km off the coast of Oman, with rain clouds at a distance of 740 km.

The Oman Met Office warns of potential high cloud flow over the next four days. The first-degree tropical cyclone, it intensifies in the central Arabian Sea and is currently moving north-northwest, posing a threat to Oman, India and Pakistan.

However, no direct impact on Oman is expected in the next three days, according to meteorologists. The Indian Meteorology Department reports the system’s location as southwest of Goa, southwest of Mumbai, and south of Karachi.

The tropical situation known as Biporjoy could develop into a second-degree hurricane on Thursday, with wind speeds estimated between 83 to 95 knots. The system’s movement towards the north-northwest brings the flow of high clouds along the Arabian Sea coasts.

The Oman Met Office warns of a potential third-degree cyclone by Friday, with wind speeds ranging from 96 to 112 knots. Al Sharqiyah South and Al Wusta governorates can expect high sea waves, reaching 3-5 metres.

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“Maximum wave height is expected on Friday and Saturday in Al Wusta, Al Sharqiyah and Dhofar — along the coastal areas of the Arabian Sea and accordingly, fishermen should not venture out in the Arabian Sea,” said the weather expert at Oman Met Office.

On Saturday, the tropical system is expected to continue as a third-degree cyclone accompanied by the flow of high clouds on the coasts overlooking the Arabian Sea, with an alert of sea waves rising on the coasts of the south of eastern and central regions. The weekend will also see the advection of high clouds.

Fishermen are advised to avoid venturing into the Arabian Sea.

The system’s intensity may also cause a delay in the onset of monsoon in Kerala, as indicated by the Indian Meteorology Department. The Oman Met Office has released classifications for tropical systems and cyclones.

Meanwhile, the Civil Aviation Authority, represented by the National Multi Hazard Early Warning Centre, held a meeting with the coordinators of the national emergency management system to discuss the latest updates on the tropical condition Biparjoy at the Arabian Sea, on Wednesday.


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