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The struggles and woes of a football fan

Every fan is part of the global community created by many of those football clubs and each supporter is seen as a brand ambassador representing them

Never thought about how we can get affected when our team loses a match, especially when losing to a bitter rival. Ask any football supporter, or better ask any Real Madrid or Barcelona fan how their nerves are when the ‘El Clásico’ match is on.

Matches like the El Clasico will see fans fell up restaurants, café even the neighbour’s house, to watch eleven men on the pitch play football for ninety minutes, cheering on until either team wins, lose, or draw.

The emotion of the supporters are at an all-time high during the match, and defiantly the moods will change after ninety minutes.

The struggles of being a fan are real.

This Sunday was the day my mood was off because of Saturday’s FA Cup final between Manchester City (Man City) versus Manchester United (Man Utd) held at Wembley Stadium, London. It was a big match as it was the finals but between two big club rivals from the City of Manchester, UK.

I am a Manchester United fan and have been, since a young age, including my brothers except for my father, an Arsenal fan.

If you followed the match, you would have known Manchester City had won the FA Cup and beaten Manchester United.

Naturally, I felt bitter for the rest of the day. The next day I had work so I avoided my colleagues talking about the match since they know I supported Manchester United.

The beautiful game always provides great conversation, especially the next day. Work colleagues would gather up during their lunch break to discuss the last team update, match analysis, coach’s strategies, and summer signings

But whatever the result maybe it will never disappoint and has the effects bring people together. The talking points are endless.

Where are all football pundits in heart?

What I also find interesting is parents, especially fathers want their children to support the same team. To the point of buying them the jerseys.

I made a rule in-house and told my children that this is the club that their father supports and you all should do too, no questions asked. We are united as a family.

But let’s not say, that there isn’t another sport which provides the same feel and excitement as football, but there such as basketball, baseball, NFL, and cricket seeing your team gain a bad result is a mood changer.

But to be honest, nothing compares to football. Just watch the World Cup.

But the funny thing is that all that excitement can get a little too much, the time and emotions put in supporting your team and to some fans have become part of their lives.

I find myself also flicking through Twitter or browsing the lasts updates on Manchester United or keeping up on their league position and at times I feel as if I am representing the team and being part of the global community.

But in fact, every fan is part of the global community created by many of those football clubs and each supporter is seen as a brand ambassador representing them.

Buying your favourite team jerseys and merchandise, following them on social media, buying season tickets or TV subscriptions, Instagram posts, and others.

And yes it feels like a part-time job but you’re working for free because you’re invested and it is fun.

The struggles of football fan are real but to be honest it is priceless.

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