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Taxis, driving instruction cars can tint car windows up to 30pc opacity

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MUSCAT: In a recent decision aimed at enhancing the safety and security of vehicle drivers, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) has allowed taxis and driving instruction cars to tint their windows with certain conditions. The decision, which is effective from its publication on May 30, came after careful consideration of security concerns.

Previously, private cars were prohibited from modifications in tinted windows beyond 30 opacity. The previous law also mandated that taxis, cars, and cars used for driving instruction should refrain from any form of window tinting.

However, recognising the evolving security landscape and the need for enhanced safety measures, the Inspector General of Police and Customs has issued this new amendment. The decision grants taxis and driving instruction cars the authority to tint their windows, but within certain limits.

While private car owners are still required to adhere to the existing regulations regarding window modifications, taxis and driving instruction cars are now permitted to darken their windows by a maximum of 30 per cent. This change aims to address security concerns and create a safer environment for drivers of these vehicles.

The amendment is expected to have a positive impact on the taxi industry, as it allows drivers to shield themselves from high temperatures without compromising visibility, which is crucial for their profession. Moreover, driving instruction cars will benefit from increased privacy for learners, creating a more conducive training environment.

The Royal Oman Police encourages all affected vehicle owners to promptly comply with the amended law. It is essential to strike a balance between security measures and ensuring transparency on the roads. The decision seeks to provide a sense of safety to drivers while maintaining the necessary visibility for road users.

The amendment also emphasises that any violation of the tinting law, resulting in windows or glass exceeding the allowed limit, will be met with penalties and fines. Offenders can face charges, and fines may range from a minimum of RO 10 or potentially more, depending on the severity of the violation.

With this proactive step towards enhancing the security of vehicle drivers, Oman reinforces its commitment to creating a safe and protected environment on its roads.

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