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What is mine is mine but what is yours is ours


'Mine is hers'

So this grand event happened in one of the most profound hotels in the country. The invitation was to bring a "plus one". They nailed it because, truthfully speaking, I could search the entire world when asked who my best friend is, but my response will always come out to be 'my wife'.

Take it or leave it but that's it. It's her I share details of my life with, even my bank card passwords. Period.

Anyways back to my narration, so towards the end of the perfect event with first-class organization, as a media personality, I was gifted a fine-wrapped medium box with red ribbons. Thankful, I was, and off we left.

I always have a problem remembering where I parked my car but most of the time I am with her, she spots it earlier than I do.

We got into the car and started the engine. No sooner had I started driving, than she reached out for the 'my given gift' that I had placed on the back seat.

She unwrapped it without my consent but with a big excited smile.

It was one of the latest mobile phones since the event was hosted by a telecommunications company. I loved the color. It's what I noticed first. An army green sparkling color. It was my lucky day because I needed to change my phone.

Hardly had I completed my thoughts, when I suddenly saw her grabbing her old phone, removing her sim card, and placing it in the new phone with a very big laughter.

She told me that the phone suits her more than I do. She added that it was a gift from me to her for always helping me spot my car in the parking lot.

I know I wanted it badly too, but if the lady herself needed it, then altruism is my resort. I sacrificed it for her.

Since then, she brags about it, and more so always telling me I needed to buy myself a new phone.

This is the case with the majority of the gifts I get. If they are strictly masculine, then I am on the safe side, but if they happen to be unisex, then they will never be mine. What is mine is hers but is hers will never be mine.


'Yours is ours'

Approximately a year ago, after my brother-in-law bought himself a red Mercedes Benz, it gradually turned into his wife's car.

The good thing is that she did not 'grab' it immediately. This process at many times happens gradually except for my phone case.

Theirs, was like, when he bought it, it was sparkling red with some minor black stripes. He used it for quite some time but when snow fell down from the sky, it was his wife's lucky day.

Her own car needed to visit the garage and she did not have a car to use. The husband wholeheartedly offered his car to her saying he "would be grabbing a cab for the few four days the garage had promised."

So, once her car was out of the garage in its best condition, she said she had two issues here. Firstly, she said the red color suits ladies more, and the second invalid reason was that she is seemingly used to the Benz now and she feels from her heart that it is more of hers than his.

Gradually, then suddenly it became fully hers but the husband did not even know how, although any fines, and repairs were straight from his pocket.

When you hear about the power of women, then this is it and the phrase 'whats yours is ours' applies only to good things. I found it weird and funny but as a man, I could not comment on the subject.

Till next time, I surrender here ...

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