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His Majesty's visit to Iran: a mark of honour to long-lasting relationship

The visit of His Majesty to Iran is historical and highly honoured and comes as part of the pivotal role Oman plays in the region

His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik Al Said begins a two-day Royal visit to the Republic of Iran today. The Iranians greets His Majesty the Sultan with respect, as the visit represents a mark of honour to a relationship which both countries have enjoyed for a long time and whose worth brings respect and fame to both countries.

Historically, Oman has maintained good relations with Iran for a long time. The confidence Iran places in Oman is derived from assured reliance on its strength and truthfulness, an attribute which has characterised Oman and become synonymous with its foreign policy.

Oman, under the wise leadership of His Majesty the Sultan, exhibits courage, strength and calmness in the face of situations in a volatile region which is often characterised by and subject to rapid and unexpected changes.

Oman also adopts a unique foreign policy, which aims to strengthen the bonds of cooperation and friendship with all countries and

peoples around the world.

Oman’s relationship with other nations is based on mutual respect and common interest, while refusing to take a part in concerns and internal affairs of others. Its foreign policy has become one of its strong attributes and an inherent and chief asset, proving to the whole world that Oman vigorously moves forward from strength to strength.

Countries around the world trust Oman as a reliable partner and can confide fully in its power to bring comfort, and reassurance to

perplexed situations.

Blessed with a wise leader, Oman is widely known for its endeavours to end hostilities between those at war or in a state of enmity. That is why Oman refuses to allow itself to get involved in peevish disputes; instead, it devotes serious efforts and endeavours to bring peace

and quietude.

When other countries start to break down, Oman always extends its hand to help them regain their composure. Within this framework, Oman has succeeded, due to farsighted visions of His Majesty the Sultan, to end active and mutual hatred and ill will between nations.

Similarly, Iran, without doubt, occupies a strategic location in the region. Geographically, it can be best described as a country that is balmy, mild and clement in weather and temperature.

If you ever visit Iran, you can expect no less than kindness and gentility of Iranians, who enjoy superior social status and prestige evidenced by manners and mode of life, and demonstrate attitudes marked by delicacy, prudery and affectation.

This is derived from Iran’s relatively high level of cultural and technological development and of civilization, with Iranians being

characterized by refinement of thought and manners and by propriety and good taste in conduct and appearance.

As a powerful nation, Iran has such a moral strength and courage to face impending dangers and can confront and defy boldly challenges with assured power and resistance, a matter that makes Iran a great power, having prestige and influence over many events taking place

in the region.

The visit of His Majesty the Sultan to Iran is historical and highly honoured. It comes as part of the pivotal role Oman plays in the region. There is no doubt that the people of both nations look forward to what this visit yields, whose significance shall be noticeable and noteworthy by all measures not only in Oman and Iran but in the world as a whole.

The writer is dean of Al Zahra College for Women

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