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I am none the wiser...


The actions of the insensitive is defined by not being aware of or not showing sympathy towards the feelings of other people. In other words a person who will say or act without being aware of the conscience.

To put it in example, your wife asks you to go out for dinner as she had a bad day at work... all she wants to go somewhere quite so she can take her maid off work and talk to someone in the hope that it might make her feel better. But you are being caught up in your own world and none the wiser of the situation without even giving it a thought and neither of her moods.

You just said, I have a better idea... let’s stay home and order food and watch a movie. It’s been a long day at work. What do you think?

The answer of the frustrated wife who’s currently in an emotional state has hit the roof, she is ready to either cry or scream but will likely just say ok!! And take warm shower to calm herself down, have dinner and accept that her dear husband is just oblivious of how her day went nor of her feelings.

This situation can happen and even to the best of people, where we are so caught up in our own world.

To the point we forget to pause... and allow ourselves to feel our surroundings.

The issue is that life is moving so fast that we are trying to keep up with it and do our best to make up for lost time. Focused on what makes us happy, content and build a life that suits us.

Forgetting that there are people in our lives who live with us and we chose to surround ourselves with them, but yet we isolate ourselves instead of making them part of our lives.

Well I am not saying we do that all the time, but it does seem we do it when someone needs us to be more aware of their existence.

We get so lost in our own world that when engaging with the person next to us we forget to refine our words or being too honest and blunt on the choices of our words. Not realising we might hurt the person until it’s too late.

Let me be the first to say that I fell in that trap, when your child is looking for your attention and starts talking. But you are not in the mood, so you cut them off and tell them “very good now go play, we will talk later”.

I guess at the moment yes, you were tired or hungry but forget that little girl or boy just wanted few seconds of your time to ask you about your day.

Or a husband who been checking the clock to reach home... to see his wife and spend time with her, only for her being too busy to notice you and continuing her conversion on phone for the next one hour.

We never meant to be rude nor insensitive, many of these moments catch us off guard and we are really just oblivious for that few minutes. We tend to snap back to our senses realising our actions only for it being too late.

I guess what I am trying to say is that, when you find yourself in that position so fixated in yourself, pause and take notice of your surroundings before taking any action. Trust me it will save you from the endless apologies.

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