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Expatriate workforce reaches 1.776 million in Oman

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Muscat: The Sultanate of Oman's expatriate workforce continues to thrive, with the total number of migrant workers reaching 1.776 million by the end of April 2023. The latest data released by the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) sheds light on the demographic distribution and highlights the leading nationalities contributing to the country's labour market.

According to the NCSI, among the nationalities, Bangladeshis constitute the maximum number of expatriates living in the Sultanate of Oman.

Out of the 1.776 million expatriate workers, approximately 1.397 million individuals are employed in the country's private sector. This underscores the importance of the private sector in providing job opportunities for migrant workers and sustaining economic growth in the country.

The number of Bangladeshis living in the Sultanate of Oman is 698,000 individuals. This figure represents an increase of 10,000 compared to the previous month, further solidifying the significant contribution of Bangladeshi workers to Oman's labour force.

Close behind Bangladeshis are Indians, the second most represented nationality. There are 403,000 Indian expatriate workers in Oman, while Pakistanis come third with 307,000 individuals. These numbers emphasise the substantial presence of South Asian workers and their vital role in Oman's growing migrant labour market.

Oman's labour market continues to attract a diverse range of expatriate workers, with the total number reaching 1.776 million by April 2023. The prominence of Bangladesh, along with other South Asian countries, showcases the valuable contributions made by migrant workers to Oman's economy.

As the country moves forward, sustaining a healthy and well-regulated labour market will be crucial to capitalise on the benefits brought by the expatriate workforce.

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