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Narrating the past in present and future

We are to be proud of Oman's great heritage that we have received from our ancestors

Oman today is not the old Oman of yesterday. Its inconvenient living and ill-fated face has entirely changed. Since the start of the blessed renaissance in early 70s, the country has shaken off the dust of isolation and standstill, opened its doors and windows to the light, interacted with the global changes and got affected and influenced by them.

Its strong, cordial and bilateral historical relations dated thousands of years back with many countries around the world played a key role in forming Oman's history, culture and heritage. In a way or another such relations were of high significance to the nation and its people. While today, the country has adapted the modern and revolutionised life, Oman has never lost its genuine identity, rich culture and authentic heritage.

As late Sultan Qaboos once stated, “It has been very clear to us that our heritage is not only represented by forts, castles and ancient buildings, but by spiritual customs and traditions, by science, art and literature transmitted by one generation to another. The real preservation of heritage will not be accomplished unless we understand this and cherish it”.

If we are to be proud of Oman's great heritage that we have received from our ancestors, who strived hard to protect it, this pride must not be our ultimate aim. Heritage and culture should be well-preserved, cherished and passed on to all the generations to come. This common responsibility shall be shared and reliably taken care of by all Omanis, individuals, government and establishments concerned. It is a national accountability that we all should be according valuable importance and priority.

That is why it is of high significance to have national museums, bringing history, heritage and culture back to life. Rather, museums are narrating the nation’s historical reserves in present and future to all generations. In fact, museums are regarded essential contributors to the well-being and sustainable development of human communities. They are uniquely placed to create an ongoing impact to foster positive change. This translates the concept of a museum as it is more than just a collection of art, sculptures or heritage. Instead, it is a storehouse of the history of the extinct lives and their cultures.

As the legendary pan-Africanist, Marcus Garvey, said, “A people without knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture are like a tree without roots.” Likewise, it has been attributed that If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. You are only a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree. Accordingly, one has to learn more and more about his nation’s culture, history and heritage. Paying a visit to a museum with family or friends is always worth doing every now and to get enlightened about the past.

Perhaps it worth visiting the recently opened Oman Across Ages Museum, which stands out as a cultural and educational landmark for locals and visitors alike. Being commissioned by late Sultan Qaboos, the museum marks a celebration of the country’s economic, cultural and social renaissance since the 1970s.

The outstandingly-designed museum brings a range of unique experiences and stands as a place of memories and enlightenment. The museum acknowledges the rich foundations of the country’s past while celebrating its bright and optimistic future. It bridges between the past and future of Oman with highlight to the country’s achievements in an innovating, informative and interactive manner.

Oman Across Ages Museum complements its structure with the stories of human and cultural achievements. The past glory of Oman is being sustained and presented there along with many other outstanding cultural, historical and heritage aspects. The museum is a real mesmerising landmark and becoming a key tourist destination for Omanis, residents and tourist all. With all its various attractions and historical treasures, the museum brings Oman’s rich history back to life!

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