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Basic education is mandatory in Oman; no corporal punishment


Muscat: The New School Education Law promulgated by the Royal Decree 31/2023 was published in the official gazette on Sunday.

The new education law states that the Minister of Education shall issue the executive regulation for the attached law. The minister also issues the bylaws and decisions necessary for the implementation of the attached School Education Law.

The new Law includes 97 articles, divided into ten chapters, including educational stages, special education programmes, educational environment, students, members of the teaching staff, the curriculum, penalties, and others.

Major highlights of the Law are:

Article (24)

Basic education is compulsory for all children who reach the age of six. The guardian of the student shall abide by it, and the age of acceptance may be lowered according to the rules indicated by the regulations.

Article (26)

The student’s guardian must enroll him in the first grade of the basic education stage during the specified date for that when he reaches the age prescribed for admission. The guardian should follow up on his regularity in the study until the completion of this stage.

Article (30)

Those who have completed the post-basic education stage shall be granted a certificate proving that they passed this stage successfully.

Article (92)

If the parent fails to register the child (as described in Article 26 of this law) without an acceptable excuse within 14 days, he shall be punished by imprisonment for a period of no less than a month, and not exceeding three months, and a fine of no less than RO 500. It does not exceed RO1,000 or one of these two penalties, and no penalty shall be imposed if it is due to negligence ( unintentional).

The school administration notifies the student’s guardian of the student’s irregularity in accordance with the procedures in the regulations.

Article (91)

The members of the educational staff shall notify the school principal or his representative of any crime committed within the scope of the school, who shall report to the nearest police station, in writing, within 24 hours of his knowledge of the occurrence of the incident. In the event of a violation of the provisions of this article, the violator shall be punished by imprisonment for a period of no less than 24 hours and not exceeding 10 days, and with a fine of no less than RO200 and not exceeding RO 1,000 or one of these two penalties.


Article (58)

The members of the educational staff must apply the best educational practices and principles, and provide an environment stimulating active learning, in order to achieve educational standards and quality of learning.

Article (59)

Members of the teaching staff are prohibited from applying corporal punishment against students violating discipline.

Article (27)

The student continues in the basic education stage until he passes it or completes 17 years of age. An exception is made for those who have a special health condition based on a report issued by a medical authority. Those who have reached the age of 17 may enroll in adult education to continue their education.

Article (28)

A student who excels in academics may be promoted to a higher grade, or more, during the basic education stage in accordance with the controls set out in the regulations.

Article (46)

The Ministry may allow home study or distance learning for students whose circumstances require (non-regularity in the study), as indicated in the regulations.

Article (41)

Non-Omani students may be admitted to government schools and Omani students can be enrolled in foreign community schools in accordance with the controls set out in the regulations.

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