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Employers must ensure working conditions are safe for employees: MoL

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The Ministry of Labour (MoL) stated that employers must ensure that the prevailing conditions in workplace meet the safety and health requirements of employees. In a notice issued online, MoL specified the responsibilities of employers in providing a safe work environment.

It stated that the employer is obligated to ensure that the working conditions are adequate for the safety and well-being of the employed workers. ‘Prevent the presence of contaminated air, and establish a natural or industrial ventilation system that ensures consistent air renewal in the workplace. Additionally, use a localised ventilation system in areas where pollution sources are present to efficiently extract polluted air.’ MoL stated.

‘To ensure maximum ventilation and easy maintenance, windows should be of sufficient number and appropriate width. For warehouses, it is recommended to install ventilation vents on the roofs as well as lower vents positioned above the ground barrier level,’ it added.

MoL said that there is a need to ensure that the workplace maintains an oxygen level of at least 21 per cent of the proportion available in outdoor air and not less than 19.5 per cent in underground work. ‘The velocity of air inside the workplace must not exceed 15 metres per minute in winter and 50 metres per minute in summer. If it exceeds these limits, work will be suspended or relocated to another site,’ it stated. ‘Ensure that the relative humidity in the workplace does not exceed 80% and if the limit is exceeded, cease work or relocate to a different area,’ it added.

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