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The difficulty of not being a ‘morning person’

The changing world of men

‘Saving my credit card’

As a journalist, I have never been a ‘morning person’.

Blame it on my profession, which requires my utmost attention only after 11 a.m.

Many times, I wish I could have the audacity to overcome my greatest weakness, which is waking up early in the morning. When you wake up early, you benefit from running your daily morning demands, as most offices are almost empty by the time I go to work.

I was supposed to be going over a very important official issue with the woman of the house. Actually, it has been a while since I promised myself to go, but you see, this ‘anti-morning’ problem is on my neck. It feels like a heavy load on my shoulders.

Previously, as the week began on Sunday, I promised her that I would be going on Monday, which I failed to do. I kept failing throughout the week until I gave in to my last promise for Thursday.

Unfortunately, I did not plan it this way, but again, she woke me up at 9 am reminding me that I had to go, and I accepted.

Not knowing she was watching over me, and the time, it was suddenly 11am and she asked me what happened, as I had not yet left home. Without consideration, I murmured that I had chosen to spend my beautiful day with her instead of going out.

I thought I would impress her with this line, but instead it turned out to be as bitter as gall. She was so angry that I got a hundred negative comments from her. She spoke continuously, complaining of my anti-morning issues, which made me low, but alas! It came to my mind that I should try to erase it all from her, so I thought of a second excuse.

I demanded that instead of mumbling and uttering bitter words, why don't I take her shopping. Anything she wants under the house. At this exact moment, her bitter words turned to honey.

We went out peacefully, laughing, holding hands, and talking, and I adored the fact that instead of hitting her back with words and arguments, I hit her back with shopping, and we were both at peace back home.

Later, I learnt my lesson; I should have sacrificed my sleep for the morning errands rather than the big damage she caused to my credit card.

'The sound of sunflower seeds'

In another incident of how difficult it is to be ‘morning person’, last week I had several pending assignments to finish. I also had commitments for personal errands.

On top of that, I was late, I got stuck in traffic, and I am wearing the turban on my head because I have to go to the government offices for some story investigation. The turban has given me a headache on many occasions.

Anyway, after all that, the day rushes by in no time, and it is time for me to go to the gym. I have the urge, It has already become a part of me.

On my way back home, I parked at the general store to buy my wife her best snack. She loves the sunflower seeds. I do not like the sounds they make while being crushed, but I know she will be amused once I buy them.

To my shock, she immediately starts cracking the seeds and with the first bite, she looks at me and says, “These seeds are not of the brand that I like, but thank you.” I look at her and just nod.

A few minutes later, as I was relaxing on my couch feeling dead tired, she comes to me and asks, “My husband, I need a favour. Please take me to the nearby store to buy sunflower seeds. These are a little hard to crack.”

As a humble husband, I get angry from inside. The only way she notices my anger is when I bite my lips. “Are you angry, why are you biting your lips,” she asks. I quickly said, “No, no. I am not.” I reluctantly got up and took her with a smiling face but an angry heart.

Yes I am angry. And I blame myself for initiating the idea of buying the seeds. I should have bought something that is available only in one brand. Readers, what would you have done?


Shaddad al Musalmy is a seasoned Omani journalist who worked for top newspapers in the country. He’s currently one of Oman Observer’s senior editors and contributes across different beats. His commentaries about life in general paints a vivid picture of the changing landscape in Oman.

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