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Will Artificial Intelligence take away jobs?


At a time when the number of job seekers is increasing in various countries of the world, newspaper headlines warn us that artificial intelligence may eliminate more than 80% of jobs in various specializations in the future. Today artificial intelligence has become an alternative through electronic machines to do the work that is assigned to people in some professions.

This was discussed at the "Web Summit" that was held recently in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Very often, we see machines playing a certain role assigned to humans, as was the recent case of robotic nurse designed to take care of the elderly people. Such machines are expected to be used by thousands of the elderly in Japan and the Scandinavian countries, for example.

As for most Arab countries, the human life expectancy does not exceed 60 to 70 years, on average, as a result of the lack and rudimentary nature of health services, not to mention the wars being witnessed in this region from time to time.

In addition, medical services in most Arab countries have not reached the levels of developed countries in the West, Japan and others, leading to a decline in the lifespan due to diseases and other perils.

The robotic nurse which was created recently, has many capabilities in knowledge and technologies. These capabilities can be developed in the coming years to play the role assigned to it in other matters. With the advancement of human use of new systems in vital fields, it is certain that many people will obtain work related to artificial intelligence fields within technologies and programs related to those sectors.

Therefore, there will be new areas for technical, administrative and technical work in the world.

There is no doubt that this change in roles today represents a threat to humans who worry they will lose their jobs to machines that will perform them. But this should not be a source of worry and fear that people will lose their jobs. At best, machines operating on artificial intelligence will increase the speed and quality of daily work.

The world lives today with robots and automatic devices to replace some in the jobs assigned to them.

This may result in some people made redundant. But humans work with spirit, body, intellect, emotional intelligence, and thinking outside the box. Today, there are concerns that artificial intelligence can be used to engage in fraud, forgery, and extortion. Still, there are thousands of occupations that machines cannot handle.

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