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Embrace the bliss of a lazy day weekend

The usual weekend plan is anything other than work-related and spending the weekends traditionally with the family and kids

As usual it’s been a long stressful week one of those you want to forget and naturally counting the days until the weekend.

Have planned out the weekend to drop the kids to their grandparent’s house, turn off notifications on phone and buying unlimited supply of snacks and turning the living into a bedroom, setting the mood for a Netflix marathon.

Sometimes that’s need just doing nothing except rest, enjoy and revitalising ourselves with nothingness.

Planning for a stress-free weekend doing nothing just catching up on the unfinished Netflix series and movies. To be honest we work during the week and only looking forward to the weekend. Working for five days and waiting patiently for those two days of bliss to arrive.

Top of the to-do list every week is to relax on the weekend and enjoy as much of it as possible. A break from the office, enjoying the comfort of your home. As the usual weekend plan is anything other than work-related and spending the weekends traditionally with our family.

For most, the weekend starts on Thursday readying ourselves for the evening and going out with our partners, family, and friends.

The next day on Friday usually is family day. Spending the day as a family, visiting our parents’ house for Friday lunch, then out with the kids if you’re married or with friends if you’re luckily still single.

Now if you have kids, you know how your weekend goes, a visit to the park so your children can release all that saved-up energy or a visit to the play areas in the malls such as the city center or go to the malls or for those movies loving family a visit to Vox or Cinepolis.

If you’re feeling to splash out a little then a booking yourself into a hotel for a staycation or a day pass in one of the resorts for the adventuring type well Oman stretches far and wide with many places to visit from wadis to the desert dunes, even mountains. As for the single girls and boys well, your days are free to do it as you well it.

To be honest, all that can be exhausting at times and especially if this is a regular weekend routine.

So there comes a time when you just want some me time and do nothing for the weekend a lazy day. A day with no to-do list, no friends or family gatherings, or dropping the kids to play.

A day of laziness watching Netflix, with an unlimited supply of drinks and snacks from Talabat. The kids, family, or friends can join too if they want, but there is a “don’t disturb my policy”. Just seat, eat, drink, watch, and relax.

Those days are needed and it feels like a true rejuvenating day where there are no rules, duties, or commitments. Even if you do have kids not being selfish, but the option of dropping them to their cousin’s house or grandparents for a day or two and treating yourself with a day off.

They should also mark a day in the calendar celebrating a lazy day.

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