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Discovering Oman’s authentic beauty and rich culture through ‘slow travel’

Join travel documentary presenter Malini Angelica as she ventures to Oman, uncovering the country’s breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage. Through her immersive approach to ‘slow travel,’ Malini delves deep into Oman’s history, traditions, and warm-hearted people, fostering a profound connection with the country which leaves an indelible impression on her

Malini Angelica, a popular travel documentary presenter and advocate of ‘slow travel,’ recently embarked on a mesmerizing journey to Oman, where she delved into the country’s stunning landscapes and vibrant culture.

Her experience serves as a testament to the rewards of taking the time to immerse oneself in the local culture, connect with the friendly locals, and seek out authentic encounters.

Over the course of her two-week visit, Malini explored numerous breathtaking locations in Oman, including the enchanting capital city of Muscat, the historical town of Nizwa, the pristine Dimaniyat Islands, the captivating Wadi Shaab, the majestic Jabal al Akhdar, and the vast expanse of the Sharqiyah Sands. The country's remarkable diversity, spanning from the sea to the desert and the majestic mountains, left her in awe.

Nizwa Souq
Nizwa Souq

“Omani people are truly some of the friendliest in the world,” she exclaimed, reflecting on the warmth and hospitality she encountered throughout her journey.

The locals eagerly embraced the opportunity to introduce visitors to Omani culture, and Malini had the privilege of meeting several individuals who graciously guided her through their homeland, enriching the authenticity of her experience.


What stood out to Malini the most was the preservation of cultural traditions that continue to thrive in Oman today. She marveled at the resonating call to prayer that echoed throughout the day, the graceful attire worn by Omanis, and the enduring Bedouin culture in the desert. Oman, she believes, is a truly exceptional country, having achieved modernisation while safeguarding its rich heritage and traditions.

One of the most memorable aspects of Malini’s trip was the delightful Omani cuisine. She savored the experience of trying various traditional dishes, with a particular fondness for the marinated meat dish known as shuwa and the assortment of Omani bread.

Malini Angelica at the Grand Mosque
Malini Angelica at the Grand Mosque

A visit to the Nizwa date souk allowed her to indulge in the delectable array of dates, accompanied by a sweet Omani coffee. She couldn’t resist the temptation of the Omani dessert halwa, which she indulged in multiple times throughout her stay.

Malini’s passion for filmmaking and travel has led her to explore numerous destinations, firmly advocating for the philosophy of ‘slow travel.’

She believes that immersing oneself in the local culture, forging connections with the people, and embracing genuine experiences are the most rewarding aspects of travel. In 2022, Malini and her videographer partner launched their own travel channel, aiming to create inspiring and informative videos centered around powerful storytelling.

Muscat Beach
Muscat Beach

Through her travel documentaries on Oman, Malini showcases the breathtaking seascapes, mountains, and deserts of the country, while highlighting the unique hospitality and eagerness of Omanis to share their culture.

Her videos, which emphasize powerful storytelling, have garnered a significant following. Earlier this year, her YouTube travel channel (@Malini.Angelica) reached a remarkable milestone of over 100k subscribers.


Malini cherishes the memories of her boat trip to the Daymaniyat Islands off the coast of Muscat, which she considers a ‘hidden gem’ and a must-visit day trip from the city.

Similarly, her hike to Wadi Shaab left her awestruck by the breathtaking landscape and the discovery of a secret cave with natural waterfalls at its culmination.

She also explored the picturesque coastal village of Sur, renowned for its traditional wooden dhow boat craftsmanship.

Inspired by her travels, Malini yearns to return to Oman again to further explore its breathtaking landscapes, indulge in its delectable cuisine, and meet more of its warm and hospitable people.


Malini Angelica visiting ruins at Birkat Al Mouz
Malini Angelica visiting ruins at Birkat Al Mouz

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