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Leading Payment Gateway Services in Oman

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Muscat: The world has dramatically changed post Covid. We are now living in the digital era, characterized by technological innovations and breakthroughs.

Talking about payments alone, technology has completed reshaped the way we used to make payments. If we go back 10 years, cash was the main mode of payment, while the use of Debit and Credit Cards was being popularized.

However, fast forward 10 years, we are seeing the Fintech sector rapidly changing our habits, by allowing us to transition into the era of Digital or Contactless Payments, where payment gateway services are spreading their roots all across the globe.

The Middle Eastern region has popularized payment gateways quite aggressively. If we talk about Oman, a country where cash was the main method of transacting, has inclined towards the adoption of digital payments or online payments in general. The Government is also making efforts to promote the digital payments ecosystem across the country, to promote its fintech sector.

As more and more payment gateway services are starting to spread its roots in the country, we are going to enlist the best ones for you.

So, if you’re looking to transact through a payment gateway service in Oman, you might want to stick with us for a bit.

But before we jump into the list, here’s a little overview.

Payment Gateway Services in Oman: Overview and Significance

Covid-19 was a distressful and shaking event for the world that we wouldn’t want to revisit. However, it was meant to happen, and with every pandemic or catastrophic event, opportunities are paved.

Given the nature of the pandemic and how we were forced to remain in our homes, Covid-19 resulted in a transition towards online shopping, and other behavior aspects that pertains to convenience. This includes the use of payment gateway service. For a country like Oman, this was relatively new. However, it became quite impactful in the country.

Individuals, with unintentional subtlety, started to get accustomed to payment gateway services and digital payments in Oman, marking a significant change/ transition from cash to non-cash methods of payment, coupled with the transition to online shopping (from retail shopping).

Fast forward to 2022, individuals in Oman are now accustomed to payment gateway services, whether it is for B2B or B2C purpose, making the entire ecosystem extremely valuable and important in the country.

Leading Payment Gateway Services in Oman

Payment gateway services are designed to make your lives easy. More specifically, your payment transactions easy. Oman has been in the limelight for its contemporary methods to promote the digital payment ecosystem, as more payment service providers and payment gateway services are setting up in the country.

Here are the best payment gateway services in Oman.

1. Amazon Payment Services Oman (APS) – Amazon Payment Services offer an excellent solution for the common user who’s looking to transact through online payment gateway service in Oman. The payment service is robust and seamless. The service extends an array of payment features to its partners. There are on-board convenience features coupled with a simple UI framework, with all relevant tutorials and resources to accommodate smooth payment transactions. The best feature of APS is its security protocols with compartmentalized authorization at every stage of payment process, making it the most viable payment gateway option in Oman. If you’re looking for a top-notch payment gateway in Oman, APS sits at the top.

2. APS is one of the most widely used payment gateway service in Oman, simply because of how robust its mechanism is. With absolutely zero startup fees for entry-level packages, Amazon Payment Service Gateway is recognized as one of the most credible and seamless Payment Solution in the country. Even for Mid-tier accounts, E-commerce APS is, perhaps, the most viable option for large-scale merchants, as the Payment gateway service offers custom packages, based on transactional volume (per month), making it ideal for Up-scaled E-commerce Merchants.

Additionally, the Payment gateway service also offers its customers an installment option, allowing further flexibility for merchants. What’s more is that APS data analysis algorithms allow for business growth tracking, in real time, making it the most ideal option for most medium to large-scale businesses, and even ambitious startups.

2. MyFatoorah – another quite robust and credible payment gateway service in Oman, enabling businesses to send and receive online payments seamlessly. MyFatoorah offers services that fall under invoicing, DHL, point-of-sale (POS), payment gateway, GCC cards, and KIF. The striking features of MyFatoorah, which makes it one of the best payment gateway services in Oman, include Instant Deposit (within 24 hours), mobile notifications, customizable SMS, unmatched customer support, e-commerce plugins for payment, mobile application compatibility, and environmental protection through Go Green. MyFatoorah also offers access to tracking and reporting dashboards for businesses dealing with a large customer base or clientele. Due to its on-board customizability and tailored online payment solutions for clients, MyFatoorah remains to be a popular payment gateway service across Oman.

3. Checkout – This Payment gateway service may be considered as one of the most opted for in Oman, offering a great deal of flexible payment options for E-commerce merchants, of various scalability. Launched back in 2014, acts as a universal Payment gateway service, accommodating support of 15 languages and 87 currencies, making it the ideal choice for sending or receiving Global Payments in Oman. Many users in Oman opt for Checkout, due to its flexibility and custom payment options. E-merchants using Checkout Payment gateway service are only required to pay the one-time setup fee of $500, with additional charges of 0.95% + 2 cents, and 2.9% + 20 cents per transaction, on European Cards, and Non-European Cards, respectively.

4. Tap – Tap is one of the most convenient and efficient online payment services across Oman. It acts as a reliable and seamless payment gateway service, leveraging technology to offer small/ medium businesses and enterprises to execute online transactions with ease. Be it at the receiving end or the sending, Tap allows you the flexibility, along with the security to make/ receive your payments within a matter of seconds, simplifying the ecosystem of sending and receiving payments. The reason why Tap is so popular in Oman is because of its simple user interface, both through the Website and through the application. While the payment gateway service started off in Kuwait in 2013, it gradually extended its roots throughout other countries in the Middle East, including Oman, where it gained immediate popularity. Today, Tap supports more than 1000 businesses including major corporations, securing tens of thousands of online payment transactions daily.

5. 2CHECKOUT – Another quite popular and heavily acclaimed Global Payment gateway service, widely opted for, across Oman. 2CheckOut has an expanded reach of E-merchants, being available in 211 countries, across the Globe. Providing full-fledge PCI Compliance, the payment gateway service supports up to 87 currencies, with support of 15 different languages. The service also provides ‘Ultimate Fraud Detection,’ accommodating Address Verification, backed up 300+ CVV and rule checks. The additional transaction charges are slightly higher, given the payment gateway service’s global reach, translating to roughly 4% (3.9 to be exact), + 45 cents on every transaction.


The Oman’s country government is aggressively pushing its fintech sector in the country, and Oman is setting up a standard for other Middle Eastern regions to follow.

Many retail stores are setting up their Ecommerce online stores in Fashion, Groceries, Electronics, Pharmacies etc. and further promoting and gaining popularity on social media too, top online stores in Oman running coupon codes offers on popular coupon websites like Almond Coupons and

Payment gateway service providers are enjoying the response they are receiving from the consumers in Oman, and wish to expand their services further, creating a true contactless payment ecosystem in the country. / Sponsored Article

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