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Putting the spotlight on Oman architecture and interior design

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Muscat: Oman continues to position itself as a leading tourist destination in the region. With a growing number of luxury hotels and resorts, as well as a booming real estate industry, there is a clear need to address the needs of the architecture and interior design sectors in Oman.

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Oman Observer highlights the rapid transformation in architecture and design as the country seeks to modernize while preserving its cultural heritage.

In this edition of The Correspondent, the team showcases the latest trends and innovations in design, as well as the work of local architects and designers who are making their mark in the industry.

At the heart of this magazine is an insightful interview with an internationally renowned and respected architect who shared his observations about Islamic architecture, followed by a look at the opening of the Oman Across Ages Museum and how it's positioned as a place of memories and enlightenment.

We also look at what the country can expect in the next five years, as the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism shared the quantum leap that is happening in the building of hospitality and tourism complexes and, in the same vein, how the Sustainable City in Yiti is the epitome of mainstreaming sustainability in urban development.

As part of our commitment to make this digital magazine even better, this edition is also graced by the commentary of Meyyan Shiahab al Said who dissected the use of artificial intelligence in interior design.

Overall, this magazine brings into the spotlight the role of architecture and interior design in creating unique and memorable experiences for visitors and Oman Observer's way of helping establish Oman as a hub for design excellence and attract more investment in this growing industry.

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