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Speed is dangerous, so are unmarked speed breakers

Picture for illustration purpose only
Picture for illustration purpose only

A few days ago, a motorist had to apply brakes suddenly as he could not spot the unmarked road-hump at night causing damage to the car. This is just one among the many incidents that motorists go through as they drive around some of internal roads in Oman.

“There have been several incidents of sudden braking that happened to me because of invisible speed humps. I am luck each time it happens, no vehicles near my way otherwise, I would be involved in serious accidents," Talib Rasheed, Amerat resident, said.

"Officials need to take action to mark such road breakers clearly. This can be more serious at nigh too. There is a need for special lightings on such speed breakers,” he added.

Some say even though there may be sign borads, there is still a need to mark humps clearly. "It is important to have sufficient signboards and markings to caution motorists. There may be signboards on the road before humps but the humps must also be clearly marked incase one misses the sign board," Mohammed al Balushi, Sohar resident said.

He suggested that such humps be painted in much brighter colours so that they are visible properly. "I know most of them are painted but after sometime, the pain fades. There is a need for constant repainting," Balushi said.

There have been several instances of motorists getting injured too. “I was once traveling with my husband and because he did not see the hump, he braked suddenly and I banged my head. I was slightly injured because after jumping a speed-breaker, the car jumped and could not hold my self even though I had seat belts on,” Fatmah al Naamani, a homemaker, said.

According to Muscat Municipality, commuters are welcome to register any issue of conceren in regards to proper markings of speed breakers so that the civic body can take action.


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