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Travelling during Eid...

Travelling in Eid is not new, usually many travel during Eid al Adha, but very less during Eid al Fitr

Sometimes rules are meant to be bent if not broken. A break from the norm is usually refreshing and can make a big difference. Even if it means breaking a tradition once in a while.

So breaking the rules is considered a no-no, especially a tradition which involves marking the first three days of the month of Shawwal. Those three days are usually celebrated by visiting families and friends and gathering under one roof.

Such tradition is upon us we are now in the month of Shawwal marking the end of the holy month of Ramadhan.

We look forward to the festive celebrations of Eid al Fitr a treat of all the hard work which been put in during the holy month.

Depending which part of the world you’re from the first three days of Shawwal are given as a holiday to celebrate the Eid. Where many Muslim look forward to wear new clothes, visit their families, eat and the children look forward to dress in their new clothes and receive their eidya.

In many parts of the world including Oman the first three days are always special, but no more important than the first day of Eid. As many mothers and grandmothers would always say “I want to see all of you on the first day” what they actually mean is don’t have any idea on travelling. Then comes those who say this Eid let’s take a break from the routine and travel anyway.

What travel you say, yes travel on the day which is seen by many as no you shouldn’t travel on Eid especially on the first day.

Travelling in Eid is not new, usually many travel during Eid al Adha, but very less during Eid al Fitr.

So is this a trend now? The answer could be yes. The small break from the usual starting... something new or even starting a new tradition and of course a balance has to be made as we can’t travel on every Eid.

And this trend is now seen among many families in the Middle East who have started travelling during Eid taking advantage of the long Eid holidays a chance to refresh.

Travelling to hot spots like Turkey, Azerbaijan, Far Eastern countries or Western European countries. As the weather conditions of those countries are ideal for many of the Eid escapers.

But as we are all aware everything has its drawbacks when travelling during those festive days. Eid does provide its sense of magic - the feel of joy, the whole country joins together in festivities, visiting families and to have them all gathered under one roof, and let’s not forget the shuwa. All this usually happens only once or twice every year.

Okay and yes - the opposite also can be said on the opportunities, taking from different perspective to refresh, a change, creating new memories and a new family tradition.

That tradition is a balance of old and new creating a modern culture not staying far away from the old neither trying to change it, but to enhance its experience. As travel is something new and Eid is something old. The balance between them is what will make it work. The ones who are willing to take the chance might enjoy the fruits of the experience.

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