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MoL announces 3,233 job rotation opportunities through Ejada

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The Ministry of Labour (MoL) has announced the availability of 3,233 job rotation opportunities in 37 government units through the Ejada platform. The platform, which was launched in November 2022 as part of the Ejada system for career development, allows all employees of government units to view job rotation opportunities, apply for them and compete for them.

The Ejada platform is one of the most important electronic platforms launched in recent times. It directly benefits citizens by trying to improve the services they receive from employees in government and public institutions in the country. The platform provides more than one electronic service to all citizens.

MoL invited interested individuals to register on the Ejada platform for job rotation through the platform's website by May 6, 2023. The job rotation opportunities are available in government units and can be chosen based on functional and scientific expertise and geographical location.

Khalsa bint Habib al Farsiyah, Director of the Job Rotation Initiative at MoL stated that the Sultanate of Oman has entered a new phase with confident steps towards a more developed and prosperous future. The Ejada platform for job rotation is part of an integrated national vision that guarantees complete alignment and harmony, including at all levels, to achieve the aspirations that paint the image of Oman by 2040.

The general policy of job rotation as an administrative tool has been taken as a means to contribute to the advancement of individual and institutional levels. This policy will also make optimal use of the expertise and capabilities of human resources. The implementation of the policy depends on using an electronic platform that allows all government units to enter their needs for job rotation opportunities specified according to a planned recycling organisation based on legal and regulatory controls and requirements.

This job rotation opportunity announcement by MoL will allow citizens to grow professionally and personally while making the best use of their skills and expertise.


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